There are things that we have to learn the hard way maybe you had figured it out but you just haven’t accepted it yet because it’s far from what you have expected. 

Acceptance is very important in living your life, if you can’t accept the things in your life you will forever chase for something that you might end up getting more hurt and you will live with hatred and hatred is the biggest hindrance for you to live happily. Remember that some things can’t be changed and we just have to learn to live with it even if it’s against our will but you will soon realize that it’s the best decision that you have ever made. The thing is we also need to learn to let go of the control that we can change things, change is constant it happens naturally and life will just show you an eye opener situation that you will not need to try so hard to change things because it will just happen. Remember not everything we want to happen will happen that’s not how life works because if that’s how it works it would be a bit boring don’t you think? No challenge! 

We need to accept things as it is, accept things in your life and accept changes that you can’t control. Learn to work with it, lessen the complains and let things flow.  

Yes there are things that we have to learn the hard way but don’t you think it became difficult because you didn’t accept that learning in the first place when it occurred?


7 thoughts on “ACCEPTANCE

  1. Joana, so true. It’s hard accepting the unfair and unjust things, but accepting them doesn’t mean condoning them, it simply means you acknowledge you can’t change what you have no control over. Life is full of the unexpected, and much of it is challenging. but that doesn’t mean it has to be unhappy.

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  2. Yes, it is true that acceptance is important. Actually it is essential to progress that we give acceptance to our realities for acceptance brings satisfaction. Unless you don’t accept the realities you can’t convince yourself to be satisfied with them and be happy.
    Light and Peace,

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