It’s Been A Year (Poetry + Rant)

Credits to Bloomberg

Sense of touch that we miss,
and the feel of your soft lips
it’s been a year since all of these
has been taken away in a bliss.

To be apart from each other
and should’ve made us closer
like a war with a terrible leader
feels like our days are numbered.


The pandemic is not getting away anytime sooner. It has been a year but it feels like we’re back from the very beginning. My country the Philippines has gone under another “lockdown” for 1 week as cases of COVID-19 had a surge these past couple of days. As Filipinos beginning to feel complacent as they’re adjusting to the new normal, we are back where we started but worst.

I’m saying that this lockdown is worst because the country can no longer afford an extended lockdown due to economic reasons. The capital of the country Metro Manila plus other areas like Bulacan, Cavite, and Laguna (NCR Plus) is currently on lockdown for only a week, and the government specifically said in their press conference that it is unlikely for them to extend this lockdown which from my point of view sounds like “whatever happens after this lockdown, we are going back to normal and just let things be”. You can’t contain a surge of cases in just a week. It has been a year and our COVID response still has no concrete plan on how to contain this virus except for naming quarantine schemes for a whole year. What is the use of this lockdown when people can actually still go out and the government is just imposing a curfew? Does the virus have schedule on when they are active?

The Philippine government failed from the very beginning of this Pandemic and it didn’t even get a chance to redeem itself.

  • Failed to make a concrete plan when number of cases were rising. Instead, imposed a nationwide lockdown and poured all the funds for military checkpoints, and gave unorganized LGU aids when they should’ve gave the majority of the funds to our health care system, mass testing, contact tracing, and other procedures that would’ve helped in containing the virus.

This is not about being a DDS supporter or not, you cannot avoid the fact that this administration is failing in handling this pandemic. Duterte administration’s sole priority this whole year was law and order, and they pour all their attention on that detail of governing. This is a virus where health is in jeopardy. Checkpoints and military is not going to defeat this virus. TESTING and BETTER HEALTH CARE SYSTEM will.


Take care everyone, be safe, wear a mask.

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“Accountability Over Resiliency”


Another storm had passed in the Philippines and out of so many tragedies and catastrophe Filipinos had experienced, you could still see them smiling during and after all the bad things that had happened. This is one of the many proud traits that Filipinos have— their resiliency. The ability to bounce back from something so tragic like it never happened, as if they were so used to it, like they were knocked down, they get up and they just move on without processing everything.

Filipinos have faced many disasters in the past, and they basically just move on from it. And, it is known that one can’t be fully prepared for natural disasters but being less than prepared is not acceptable. The officials basically move and decide when it’s right there in their face, out of all those disasters haven’t the officials learned anything from it? What I have observed is that when something big like this typhoon happen, they weren’t prepared they think that it’s going to be a normal storm because the past typhoons were like a normal storm, they get complacent and ignore protocols if they have any.

“We didn’t expect this” the popular phrase right now from public officials, but they had the data about the storm but they just chose to ignore it since the current situation isn’t that bad enough to take actions. They really wait for it to get worse for them to move. And, now the aftermath of this Typhoon Ulysses will be another one of those moments where we will all see how the efforts of spreading information and awareness on how to be prepared during typhoons will rise and soon fade.

The admiration on Filipino resilience is there but where is the accountability for all the losses that could have been prevented? If this keeps on happening, sooner or later Filipinos will be exhausted to be resilient.

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I was not supposed to post two blog entries in a day but this is something that I just needed to get off my mind.

I’m writing this because the current situation of our health care system is alarming and for my fellow countrymen in the Philippines if this distress call from our modern heroes doesn’t worry you— it should.

Health care system in the Philippines are now overwhelmed by the increasing number of COVID cases with over 5,000 daily confirmed cases, and now Philippines has over 100,000 cases. Now, medical frontliners are calling for help and wanting the country to go on another lockdown for at least 2 weeks to regroup and rethink their strategy on how to handle this pandemic. More info here:

Credits to Rappler

Okay, this is sad and alarming. This made me more scared because our health care system is our armor during this pandemic and now that they are close to giving up, it’s like the hope for fighting and ending this virus is far from being achieved. It also made me more angry to the government, and for all the time that they wasted on other irrelevant issues during this crisis. Like, passing anti-terror law which violates the constitution and rights of Filipinos. They also focused more on the franchise renewal of one of the country’s largest TV network. Imagine if they focused more on the actual biggest problem here which is COVID-19 and not them creating laws to stop criticisms towards the government or using political power to get revenge. Now, the country cannot afford another lockdown. I am so furious because we had gone through that lockdown for almost 3 months and the government didn’t do anything at that time to find a solution. Like, mass testing and contact tracing, instead they used that time to make a move on their political agenda which is to make the current administration more in control and powerful. What also makes me furious with the country’s current situation is that a lot of my fellow countrymen are not furious as I am. They still support what this failing administration is doing, even if they are being fooled right in their face, they still turn a blind eye and just support the president. They are not a Filipino, they are fans. They idolized this current president that they are becoming ignorant to the country’s situation.

Now, our doctors and nurses are exhausted because the government didn’t prioritize the solution to the biggest problem that the country is facing. What will happen to us? I don’t know but I pray that we all get through this together.

I am praying for all the medical frontliners, give them strength and patience to face this pandemic. I am praying for their safety.

To all the frontliners around the world. We are all thankful for what you are doing for your country, you are indeed our modern heroes.


It has been a crazy weeks for us with this virus still out there, it is our true enemy but why does the government see the people as their enemy instead?

I used to hate talking about politics and I still do because I don’t know much about it. I hate arguing and I pretty much like to be ignorant with what’s happening to steer clear of negative vibes but right now it’s not just about politics, it’s also about being a humanitarian and turning a blind eye to what this fascist government is doing to our country and how they treat our fellow Filipinos just makes you like one of them.

Yes, given the fact that they still go outside amidst this pandemic and the government ordering the enhanced quarantine to somehow contain the virus from further spreading but the people barely make it through a day in their normal lives what more with this lockdown that their only form of providing for their family and for themselves is by working? And the government wants the people to listen when the message that they try to convey is anti-poor? How will you make the people listen if you try to communicate with them through fear and making them more hungrier than they were yesterday?

“Hunger unleashes that madman in us, it’s better to eat than be eaten.” – The Platform

To the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, I have not been a fan since your day 1 but I had hope for a change like you said. I tolerate your language because I guess that’s how you really are but in times like this a message of encouragement and hope is much needed from you rather than imposing threats and fear to your countrymen. People are finally waking up now Mr. President, we will no longer be quiet.

To the people defending this government including some of my friends and family, saying that what the president said was taken out of context, it’s not just about what he said because this wouldn’t even happen if the president was transparent with his concrete plan for this crisis (if there is such a plan). Where did the 200 Billion go? What did he do with his special power? What will happen to the Philippines? If you still don’t see why this is such a big issue, please open your heart and mind and see what this is doing to our less fortunate countrymen.


You wouldn’t understand, your fridge is stocked.



I can never truly grasp the idea of someone cheating on their loved ones. That person was the one you’ve dreamed of, the one that you once wanted to be yours before, the one that you were so nervous of talking to back then. Now, that you finally had him/her you’re taking them for granted? All those years lost because of an unsatisfied craving?

Everything is a matter of choice. You choose who you love, you choose to commit and you choose to cheat. I don’t know how people who cheats carry the weight of guilt and conscience. I don’t know how they could sleep so tight at night knowing that they hurt their partner. I hate that they call it a mistake when they are so conscious and aware of their actions, they make it sound like it was just an accident.

If your partner lacks the thing that you need all you need to do is talk about it and not find that “thing” in another person. If you wanted to end things say it to them and not create a situation where you hurt your partner, it’s called respect. If you feel like you lost “sparks” go back to the beginning. There are a lot of things you can do to make a relationship work, cheating is an easy-choice to suffice your “needs” but it creates a huge problem and it doesn’t really solve anything. I really hate seeing people who get cheated on, it breaks my heart. I’m thinking that these cheaters once made a heart whole and happy but now they are also the ones who breaks it into pieces. (shame on you)


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