“Accountability Over Resiliency”


Another storm had passed in the Philippines and out of so many tragedies and catastrophe Filipinos had experienced, you could still see them smiling during and after all the bad things that had happened. This is one of the many proud traits that Filipinos have— their resiliency. The ability to bounce back from something so tragic like it never happened, as if they were so used to it, like they were knocked down, they get up and they just move on without processing everything.

Filipinos have faced many disasters in the past, and they basically just move on from it. And, it is known that one can’t be fully prepared for natural disasters but being less than prepared is not acceptable. The officials basically move and decide when it’s right there in their face, out of all those disasters haven’t the officials learned anything from it? What I have observed is that when something big like this typhoon happen, they weren’t prepared they think that it’s going to be a normal storm because the past typhoons were like a normal storm, they get complacent and ignore protocols if they have any.

“We didn’t expect this” the popular phrase right now from public officials, but they had the data about the storm but they just chose to ignore it since the current situation isn’t that bad enough to take actions. They really wait for it to get worse for them to move. And, now the aftermath of this Typhoon Ulysses will be another one of those moments where we will all see how the efforts of spreading information and awareness on how to be prepared during typhoons will rise and soon fade.

The admiration on Filipino resilience is there but where is the accountability for all the losses that could have been prevented? If this keeps on happening, sooner or later Filipinos will be exhausted to be resilient.

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Hello everyone, I guess everyone’s home right now during this terrible time for the whole world. A little social sacrifice won’t hurt and staying at home is the best thing you can do right now. This pandemic is causing panic and paranoia for some, this virus should not be taken lightly, it’s fatality is low but it’s transmission is very strong. So, a nation lockdown for me is the best solution as of now until the experts find a vaccine for this terrible virus. But for some country especially the third world countries being on lockdown means not going to work, which means they won’t have money to buy their needs. I’m talking about the public transportation drivers, the vendors, the homeless, and other employees that has an evil employer who won’t stop operation during this crisis. How about them? The government should provide their needs, this crisis shows which nation has a great leader who truly cares for their countrymen. This crisis also shows who lacks empathy and sensitivity to those who doesn’t have the same privileges. During this time I guess everybody is on social media and I see lots of celebrities and personalities trying to share some encouragement and hope but receives backlash in return. We have to watch our words during this time because instead of lifting spirits up, your words might get taken out of context and you might get called insensitive.

Seriously guys, let’s all be kind to each other and instead of debating and arguing we need to be there for each other and spread positivity and hope. I’m praying for this to end soon and I hope everyone of you is healthy and okay. Guys, please stay at home as much as possible especially the elders. Stay clean, wash your hands, drink your vitamins, and STAY AT HOME!


Aging comes with realizations, mostly about life. As we go through experiences in this life, it changes the things we once believed in. We come to a certain point when we start to question the things that we were sure of and then realize that it’s not the way it’s supposed to be in reality. Our ideals get crushed by this experiences but it’s okay, it’s part of this gigantic uncertain life.

We are not the same person as we were yesterday, everyday something changes little by little that sometimes we are unaware that we are changing and we’re supposed to. We’re supposed to grow and to do that we have to let go and start seeing the wider scale of this life. We’re supposed to find our true selves by forgetting the label they once gave us. We all need to wander for us to find what truly fulfills our desires in life and that often happens with a little sacrifice.

As I grew older I realized that these changes were normal, the sadness and frustrations comes along with it. I care more about my wellness than being accepted in this society. I care more about having an inner peace rather than trying to fit in. I changed not because of anger but because I grew older and I started caring more about important things. I’ve cut ties to people who I tried so hard to keep in my life but doesn’t really care if I’m in theirs. I let go of the things that I know will ruin my solitude, I started caring more about myself and I think it’s the greatest thing I ever did. I’ve never really cared about myself before but now it’s the greatest investment I made.



I can never truly grasp the idea of someone cheating on their loved ones. That person was the one you’ve dreamed of, the one that you once wanted to be yours before, the one that you were so nervous of talking to back then. Now, that you finally had him/her you’re taking them for granted? All those years lost because of an unsatisfied craving?

Everything is a matter of choice. You choose who you love, you choose to commit and you choose to cheat. I don’t know how people who cheats carry the weight of guilt and conscience. I don’t know how they could sleep so tight at night knowing that they hurt their partner. I hate that they call it a mistake when they are so conscious and aware of their actions, they make it sound like it was just an accident.

If your partner lacks the thing that you need all you need to do is talk about it and not find that “thing” in another person. If you wanted to end things say it to them and not create a situation where you hurt your partner, it’s called respect. If you feel like you lost “sparks” go back to the beginning. There are a lot of things you can do to make a relationship work, cheating is an easy-choice to suffice your “needs” but it creates a huge problem and it doesn’t really solve anything. I really hate seeing people who get cheated on, it breaks my heart. I’m thinking that these cheaters once made a heart whole and happy but now they are also the ones who breaks it into pieces. (shame on you)


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It’s been months since I last posted in here and from those times that I wasn’t posting here I always tell myself that I’m going to write something but I end up feeling tired and just keep the words I intend to write in my mind instead.
Today is Sunday and it’s raining, it’s the start of the rainy season from where I am and it’s my favorite season and type of weather. I was lying in my bed and I just feel really comfortable that I just want to stay in bed all day and just listen to the sound of the rain but then I had the urge to grab my notebook and just write. So I did, I wanted to write about the times that I was not writing and the reason why I was not writing.
I always blamed my job for taking all of my time, it’s impossible to juggle relationships, sleep and other stuff after work. But then I realized that it was not really about the amount of time I need to allot to write, it was about how I was supposed to write. Writing for me is where you pour your emotions out and it’s a way to vent out and lately I have no emotions left to pour that I felt my words will no longer have meaning when I write it with no feelings at all. It’s the true feeling of numbness and emptiness that I don’t feel anything at all, even the type of pain that you can feel in your chest is gone. It’s like I got tired of everything and I just accept everything that is happening and I’m not making any efforts at all. I used to care so much and now I’m just losing interest in everything that I once loved doing and that includes writing.

How am I supposed to write when I can no longer feel anything? When I can no longer put words to what I’m thinking?

That’s where my Gigantic Thought Bubbled popped! I keep wondering if the-not-feeling-anything part is just the effect of growing up and adulthood because if it is I don’t want it anymore, I just want to freeze time.

I want to do something about it and I want to write again even about the dumbest thing that I can think about and I kind of lost my poetic side as well and I want to bring it back. I’m writing again and I will try my best to post regularly because I just want to bring back my old self or even just a part of myself where I once cared.

Joana x

P.S. How is everyone? I miss reading your blogs. 🙂