“Accountability Over Resiliency”


Another storm had passed in the Philippines and out of so many tragedies and catastrophe Filipinos had experienced, you could still see them smiling during and after all the bad things that had happened. This is one of the many proud traits that Filipinos have— their resiliency. The ability to bounce back from something so tragic like it never happened, as if they were so used to it, like they were knocked down, they get up and they just move on without processing everything.

Filipinos have faced many disasters in the past, and they basically just move on from it. And, it is known that one can’t be fully prepared for natural disasters but being less than prepared is not acceptable. The officials basically move and decide when it’s right there in their face, out of all those disasters haven’t the officials learned anything from it? What I have observed is that when something big like this typhoon happen, they weren’t prepared they think that it’s going to be a normal storm because the past typhoons were like a normal storm, they get complacent and ignore protocols if they have any.

“We didn’t expect this” the popular phrase right now from public officials, but they had the data about the storm but they just chose to ignore it since the current situation isn’t that bad enough to take actions. They really wait for it to get worse for them to move. And, now the aftermath of this Typhoon Ulysses will be another one of those moments where we will all see how the efforts of spreading information and awareness on how to be prepared during typhoons will rise and soon fade.

The admiration on Filipino resilience is there but where is the accountability for all the losses that could have been prevented? If this keeps on happening, sooner or later Filipinos will be exhausted to be resilient.

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It has been a crazy weeks for us with this virus still out there, it is our true enemy but why does the government see the people as their enemy instead?

I used to hate talking about politics and I still do because I don’t know much about it. I hate arguing and I pretty much like to be ignorant with what’s happening to steer clear of negative vibes but right now it’s not just about politics, it’s also about being a humanitarian and turning a blind eye to what this fascist government is doing to our country and how they treat our fellow Filipinos just makes you like one of them.

Yes, given the fact that they still go outside amidst this pandemic and the government ordering the enhanced quarantine to somehow contain the virus from further spreading but the people barely make it through a day in their normal lives what more with this lockdown that their only form of providing for their family and for themselves is by working? And the government wants the people to listen when the message that they try to convey is anti-poor? How will you make the people listen if you try to communicate with them through fear and making them more hungrier than they were yesterday?

“Hunger unleashes that madman in us, it’s better to eat than be eaten.” – The Platform

To the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, I have not been a fan since your day 1 but I had hope for a change like you said. I tolerate your language because I guess that’s how you really are but in times like this a message of encouragement and hope is much needed from you rather than imposing threats and fear to your countrymen. People are finally waking up now Mr. President, we will no longer be quiet.

To the people defending this government including some of my friends and family, saying that what the president said was taken out of context, it’s not just about what he said because this wouldn’t even happen if the president was transparent with his concrete plan for this crisis (if there is such a plan). Where did the 200 Billion go? What did he do with his special power? What will happen to the Philippines? If you still don’t see why this is such a big issue, please open your heart and mind and see what this is doing to our less fortunate countrymen.


You wouldn’t understand, your fridge is stocked.


It was my first time to exercise my right to vote today. The excitement was there, I feel like I’m officially a part of my country being able to have a say on who’s going to lead our nation. It was great to be heard. The process was quite irritating though, I had to wait in a long line before I could vote but other than that there was no other problem.

Politics in the Philippines is an interesting topic to talk about, it’s like a movie there’s action, drama, comedy even romance lol. It’s sad, dirty and funny and every election, it’s like all the citizens in the Philippines suddenly become a political analysts. Suddenly they became opinionated about politics and became a know-it-all (I’m becoming one now lol). This 2016 election was by far the funniest because mainly social media was involved, lots of memes circulating, lots of opinions being thrown but this election it’s like people are really clamoring for change, citizens of the Philippines finally woke up (did they?). Filipinos are very desperate for change that’s why most of them voted for the president who is an authoritarian, disciplinarian and kind of a dictator. It seemed that everyone wanted to bring back that “Marcos” era where Philippines was very developed they say but also millions of lives were taken. The funny thing is that Filipinos can easily forget because back then Filipinos did a revolution that stopped Marcos’ dictatorship but now they sort of wanted that kind of leadership again?


We could have had the best president who was known as the Iron Lady of Asia, overqualified candidate who studied at the finest schools and universities, served in the three branches of the government and the only thing that stopped you was her health that she doesn’t even worry about.


So most of the Filipinos chose a MAYOR who only led a city that ranks 9th safest city in the world, yes it was impressive but leading a city is not the same as leading a whole country.

Okay I’m going to stop there before I say something else and this post becomes another rant post lol.

All I wish for the new president and I guess that it’s Mayor Duterte or should I say President Duterte now (even if the vote counts are still partial). I wish that you can prove me wrong for my judgments against you. I want you to do what you said that we should all have a RULE OF LAW so please stop the “jokes” about doing extrajudicial killings just to suppress crimes. Just do your best, have morality, please watch your words and be decent. I also wish that the democracy that Filipinos fought for 30 years ago will remain.

And to the Filipinos the true change starts with you. STOP COMPLAINING AND WHINING. JUST ACT. The problem in our country are discipline and action. Even if your president is very competent but you yourself don’t follow the rules and you don’t act on the wrong doings, it’s all a waste.


Good luck Philippines, God bless us all.


You can ignore this post if you don’t understand Tagalog. I just really have to say this in my mother tongue 🙂 Thanks.




Bukas ay eleksyon na, sigurado ka na ba talaga sa iboboto mo?


1st time kong boboto at ayokong masayang ito kaya’t pinag-isipan ko talaga kung sino iboboto ko.


May iba kasi dyan na nakikiuso lang kaya nila iboboto ang kandidato na iyon, pahalagahan mo ang iyong boto at dapat alam mong karapat dapat sya sa posisyon na iyon. At wag nating isipin lang ang Pilipinas, oo “maganda” nga ang plano nya sa Pilipinas (maganda nga ba?) pero dapat ang magiging presidente natin ay magaling din makipag-usap sa ibang bansa, dahil ang koneksyon sa ibang bansa ay napakahalaga upang umunlad ang isang bansa kaya’t pag-isipan nyong mabuti yan.


Nung una akala ko sya na ang iboboto ko dahil parang desperado narin ako na magbago ang Pilipinas pero napaisip rin ako na parang hindi tama at hindi handa ang bansang ito sa ganoong pamamahala. Kelangan daw ng Rule of Law pero kung ano ang gusto nya eh ayon ang masusunod? Parang di naman ata tama iyon. Napaisip talaga ako at kung siya man ang manalo wag kang magrereklamo kung ayaw mo ang pamamahala nya kahit siya ang binoto mo.


At para sa iboboto ko alam kong hindi sya perpekto pero siya lang ang nakikita kong competent and deserving para maging presidente, sa sobrang tagal na nyang nagsisilbi sa national government at kahit nanakaw sa kanya ang pagka pangulo noon ay babalik siya ngayon at naniniwala akong siya talaga ang sagot.


Mas gusto ko na yung nagba-buckle sumagot pero may laman kesa naman sa sagot ng sagot napapahamak naman.


Pero na sa satin parin kung gusto nating umayos ang Pilipinas. Satin dapat magsimula ang pagbabago.




Sorry it became a rant lol. 
Opinyon ko lamang ito at kung may gusto kang sabihin, isulat mo din 🙂 



So my professor in good governance asked us to do a reaction paper on a TV series we watched which is entitled “Bayan Ko” and I just want to share it especially that election day is nearly coming here in the Philippines. Here it is.

“Bayan Ko” is a TV series which tackles about the subject of good governance, it shows the anomalies that some public officers does and taking advantage of the power and position that they currently have. This TV series is an eye-opener for every citizen in a country to show them what might happen when they vote or elect a wrong candidate for a public office, this will help them realize and to choose the right candidate to lead them. The story of this series goes on with Mayor Joseph Santiago who represents a true public officer that every candidate or incumbent of a public office should be, he is compassionate, no malice of corruption and have a real heart to serve the people. On the other hand Governor Antonio Rubio represents every corrupt politician that there is, he is greedy, corrupt and selfish.

With Mayor Santiago elected as the new Mayor of the town of Lagros, he wants change in their town, he wanted to stop every anomalies and wrong doings that the past administration had done, he wanted to clean his town. But with Governor Rubio who has a much higher position than him, he will make sure that no one is going to stop him in his ways of running the province. The story circles on every corrupt activities that happen in the province which is led by Governor Rubio and with Mayor Santiago and his wife who tries to stop them. Mayor Santiago’s leadership is tested through every problems that arises because of the wrong leadership and corrupt ways of Governor Rubio, there is the lack of medical supplies, lack of doctors, illegal gambling, illegal logging, bribing etc. The TV series ended with Governor Rubio left by her wife and son who decided to help Mayor Santiago to stop him with all of his shenanigans and sue him for all the crimes that he and his administration has done.

This TV series is highly recommended to be watched by all citizens of the Philippines especially that election day is nearly coming. It will help them realize that it is time to stop the corruption here in the Philippines because there will be no corruption if we keep our integrity, corruption runs here in our country because we let them. As part of the third world country, we are easily blinded by money, we lose our integrity because of it, they buy us to keep our mouth shut, to be unconscious and numb of their wrong doings. It is now time to stop being ignorant about the current situation of our government, we citizen have been deaf, blinded and muted to this happenings, we have been used to it that we think that it’s just normal now but it’s not. Yes most of us think that our government is a big joke, “corruption is more fun in the Philippines” this is true because we just post “memes” on social media and just laugh about it, but when will we take this seriously? We are a democratic country but it doesn’t feel like it because of this politicians who swore to serve the people and do everything for the people but they do it for the benefit of their own which is the opposite of a true public officer and good governance.

Like what I’ve said in my previous reaction paper it is very sad and frustrating that the government that we trust to serve us truthfully, we trust to protect us and we trust to give us justice are the ones who fool us and they are now the biggest crime syndicate in our country. I guess I should also say that this TV series is much more needed to be watched by the current public officers and to those who wish to be one, maybe by watching this they will learn something out of it or have just a little bit of conscience especially to those who are guilty of it.

I truly wish that there is still a Mayor Santiago here in our country to stop a Governor Rubio is his doings maybe there is still hope and a chance for Philippines to recover from being in a black hole of corruption for so long now, well it’s also up to us citizens, so this coming election we need to keep our integrity and vote wisely for this will affect the future of our nation.