This year’s Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is held in our country Philippines. This is a forum where leaders from different country that is included in the said forum will have a meeting to discuss different economic issues, this is a big opportunity for my country to attract more foreign investors to invest in the Philippines.  

But being the host of this forum has also brought some inconvenience to our fellow countrymen especially when it comes to the traffic. Some roads are closed due to this forum to make our VIP guests to travel along the city with ease. They opened a special lane exclusive for the delegates.

Philippines is known for having the worst traffic and with this APEC thing going on it just doubled that traffic problems. But I think we Filipinos should just try to endure the suffering for a while because this forum is a BIG opportunity for our country, Philippines will truly have a big advantage through this because from what I can see there are more poor families here than those who are fortunate, try to have a little bit of understanding because from what I observed through social media is that most of us are complaining with this APEC because of the inconvenience but thinking that’s why our president declare that there will be no classes/work for 4 days so that you will not be stuck in that traffic or be affected with inconvenience brought by the on-going forum.

The only disappointment here is that the government can only create this “vendor-less” clean city everytime that there’s a special or VIP guest coming here in our country, it’s like putting a show or having a rehearsed recitation in class. I hope our country can maintain that clean city even without special guests.