So the Kindness Challenge began last Monday and I decided to reflect on the challenges every Friday.

The first challenge focuses on ourselves first. I would think that this challenge is really a challenge if I was the person I was before because I was sort of a pessimist back then thanked God I changed that, I’m more of a realist now, I still think negatively about certain things but not like before that I lived in it. So for this challenge it’s quite easy for me and I’m not being cocky or anything because I’ve been doing this “self-kindness” program for almost 4 years (trying to have a positive outlook as I call it) and there’s only one thing that I really needed to do for this challenge:


That’s it, because that’s where it begins that’s where the self-doubt and self-hatred come from, it’s all in our head.

Over thinking affects everything, it changes the way you see the world and even the way you see yourself. It’s not that easy especially when you’re the kind of person that tends to over think quite often, it seems like you can’t help it but one solution is that you just need to keep your mind occupied, read a good book, listen to good music, a hobby, sports, watch movies, talk to people etc. you just need to be active. When you stopped the over thinking next thing you need to do is to instill positive thoughts in your head and everything will follow from there. You’ll see the great things in your life and you’ll start appreciating them more. So STOP THE OVER THINKING.

That’s all I did for this challenge. Been doing this for almost 4 years and I can’t really say that I’m a master of self-appreciation, I still have doubts I think that’s part of me maybe it’s just the way I handle them, I tend to forget my worth sometimes but I have a reminder, I just need to look at my tattoo for that and some motivational quotes on my phone. It was hard at first, it’s like working out you need a lot of discipline and inspiration to achieve that perfect body and for this one is to appreciate yourself and see your worth.

This was a good way to start the kindness challenge we really need to be kind to ourselves first before we can be kind to anyone and before anyone can be kind to us.

Check out the info of the Kindness Challenge here and I wish you would join us.

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