Sour Is A ‘Sweet’ Album

Photo credits to Teen Vogue

What a great time to be alive when music from a new artist such as Olivia Rodrigo exists.

I can’t believe my Taylor Swift madness has come to a stop because of Olivia Rodrigo’s album Sour. These past months Folklore and Evermore are the only albums I have been listening to plus Twenty One Pilots’ Scaled & Icy. Olivia’s Sour is the fastest 30mins that has passed in my life. I think everybody knows her from her famous debut single “Driver’s License” which I think has the greatest bridge ever. Then she followed it with “Deja Vu” and “Good 4 U”, there’s only a few debut artist that can do that; most artists becomes a one hit wonder and was only known for that one song. But I was amazed on Olivia Rodrigo’s songwriting which a lot of people compare her with Taylor Swift which is very notable in her writing style. Her debut album is very descriptive and has a good story telling in which Taylor Swift was known for in her earlier career. I watched this reaction on Youtube and at one point the reactor said that she had Taylor Swift when she was 15 and 15 year olds now has Olivia Rodrigo, which I thought was very true.

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Sour is full of songs about young love and heartbreak which covers that angst young people go through in life. When I listened to this album I felt old because I remember how Taylor Swift used to write songs like these in the past, and listening to these types of songs at this age makes me feel nostalgic because these feelings used to be felt by us when we were younger. She perfectly captured that “insecurity” and “bitterness”, and also that “immaturity” in young heartbreaks. I really love how descriptive her lyrics are, it’s so honest and it’s so straight to the point that it isn’t hard to comprehend compare to songs that are covered up with metaphors. Her album consists of 11 songs which can range to 2-3 minutes per song which is very short but it’s just in an appropriate length especially when it’s just her first album. Another thing I liked about this album is that every songs sound so different which shows her diversity.

I never imagined myself— a 24 year old liking another artist especially from ones who are younger than me. I’m still stuck in the 90’s and early 2000’s music. So, liking Olivia Rodrigo’s music was a huge surprise. I rarely check out new artists nowadays since songs that’s being put out lately has overproduced sounds which I kind of dislike. With Olivia Rodrigo’s music she’s bringing back a pulled back sound and even bringing back punk pop, punk rock Avril Lavigne vibes. At her age (17), I’m quite impressed that she has this maturity in terms of her music style. It was also her vulnerability that captured me, the writing plus the way she sings. You can really feel the emotions. I don’t know what to say anymore, every song in this album is just so good.

My favorite track from the album right now is Enough For You, I think it is the best written song in her album. I hate to compare but this song has that Taylor Swift style of writing where she changes the perspective in the end of the song. It’s hard not to put her name beside Taylor Swift since she’s a big Swiftie and most of her fans are Taylor Swift fans as well just like me.

This album gives potential for Olivia Rodrigo to be nominated for a Grammys at least for Best New Artist & Song Of The Year for ‘Driver’s License’. I’m looking forward to her future projects. I’m excited where she’s going to go from this successful debut.


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Playlist 23 | Chill Vibes


the 1 by Taylor Swift

Cowboy in LA by LANY

Must Have Been The Wind by Alec Benjamin

Saturday Nights by Khalid

I Believe by Jonas Brothers

Love Her by Jonas Brothers

Sober by Childish Gambino

Godspeed by Frank Ocean

Missing You by The Vamps

I Wouldn’t Know Any Better Than You by Gentle Bones

I’m very picky when it comes to new music, maybe because I’m getting older and I’m still stuck at the 90’s and early 2000’s music. But I do appreciate these chill vibe kind of music nowadays, it’s kind of perfect for this sweater weather that we currently have. Enjoy this playlist!

Share you chill music in the comments. 😊❤

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Playlist 22 | Early 2000’s Soundtrack


Dirty Little Secrets by The All-American Rejects

Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind

Just The Girl by The Click Five

Two Princes by Spin Doctors

The Anthem by Good Charlotte

All The Small Things by blink-182

Every Other Time by LFO

Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus

Tubthumping by Chumbawamba

When It’s Over by Sugar Ray

Early 2000’s teen flicks has the best soundtracks ever, you can’t argue with me on that one. When you hear these songs, you can really picture those teen films in your head. These songs are just so iconic for me, also brings some nostalgia.

I have this playlist on Spotify full of Nostaligic songs for 90’s baby out there, you can follow it if you like. 😀

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Okay, I don’t know how to begin to explain my love for Taylor Swift’s new eighth studio album folklore.

Taylor took us by surprise and no one is complaining, people said that she may have saved our 2020. Announcing in her social media accounts hours before the actual release. There was no signs or notice that she will be doing this and no one expected it as she just released her Lover album less than a year ago but she explained that a lot of unexpected things happened this year that changed her plans. One of them was this, she decided not to over-analyze the release of this album and just initially released it to the world.

Taylor Swift’s release statement for folklore

Like what the USA Today said on their review:

“Have you ever listened to “All Too Well” and said, “Great, now can I have 16 more of these?”

And you know how us Swifties claim that All Too Well is Taylor’s best song ever. Imagine a whole album of that— folklore might be Taylor Swift’s greatest album to date.

The story telling, the poetry, and the whole aesthetic of it are some of the things that you wouldn’t believed was completed in the span of only 3 months as Taylor revealed that she started writing last April. Folklore’s tone is emotional, vulnerable, mysterious. Classed as alternative in genre and along with the vintage wood themes of it, Taylor also focused more on the writing here and telling us stories with no overly produced songs. Just like how we liked stripped down version of her songs, this album couldn’t be stripped down to any more than it already is as it is the perfect album for those who find mellow, and sad songs as a therapeutic way of coping up with sadness or to just accompany you in times of contemplating and introspecting. I am one of those that will truly enjoy this album, it will be my new lullaby, my new tunes when I am writing, it will be the new songs I listen to on a road trip whilst gazing outside through the window.

What I love more about this album is the poetic side of it and dissecting lyrics and the story. Taylor has been low-key these past years and leaving fans with little and no update about her life. When every album that she made in the past was easier to dissect because the media was all on her move. Now, understanding the true meaning of the songs on her new album can be a little tricky this time. She said that the songs were based on hers and other people’s perspective which is difficult to identify which is which.

The story telling and writing that she did on this album was exquisitely creative like a true modern poet. The character that she created, the world that she imagined, the story that she conceptualized was successfully brought out to the world for us to listen to with limited time to market and promote. Taylor proved she didn’t even need to work hard on promoting her album as the album did it itself as she trends worldwide upon the release. She’s been in the industry for more than a decade now and we thought we’ve seen everything she has to offer but the songwriting genius that she is, this girl has a lot more to show for and she proved it through this masterpiece album folklore.

  • I never imagined Taylor writing about death in my tears ricochet.
  • I love the light folk bop that is the last great american dynasty and the 1.
  • Her collaboration with Bon Iver exile was something that I watched out for and I actually listened first to when the album came out.
  • invisible strings is one of my favorite and it initially caught my ears as well as august that I kind of hear Back For Good by Take That in the chorus (maybe it’s just me).

There was a bunch of break up songs in this album, which I think is because it’s her theme in terms of lyrical subject and not because that she and Joe (her boyfriend) broke up like what everybody else assumes. I think back to what she said when she wrote “Death By A Thousand Cuts” on her last album. She wrote it as a way to reassure herself that she can still write break up songs where she was known for. I think folklore was such a huge turn from her last Album Lover where it was such a happy and lovey-dovey album. Her new album will take your heart and mind for an emotional ride, it will leave you the kind of feeling when you finished reading your new found favorite book— lost in the words and music and never wanting it to end.

I commend how her mind works, her depth and how she is no longer the girl who sings petty heart break and vengeful songs. Taylor has grown into an artist that she was meant to become.

folklore track list

You can also stream folklore on Spotify:

photo credits to Taylor Swift



Death By A Thousand Cuts by Taylor Swift

Lucky Ones by McFly

Fine Day by Flu

D.O.T.S. by Slowdough

Put A Little Love On Me by Niall Horan

Falling by Harry Styles

Only The Young by Taylor Swift

When I Wasn’t Watching by Mandy Moore

Walls by Louis Tomlinson

Is This The Love That I Need? by Flu

This is what I’m currently listening to, yes I’m a One Direction fan you can tell lol. Please suggest songs for me to listen to, can I have your playlist? 🙂