So, it’s been about 1 week or more I guess since being on lockdown. What have you been up to? Bored? Me too.

Well, we still need to stay at home guys because it’s not yet over. Anyway, I know we are all bored but I guess this is the perfect time to reflect and notice the things that is much more important. We were all used to the fast paced world that we were living, it was a cycle and a routine but now things have changed for a bit and we were all forced to stay at home for the sake of our health. Maybe we can use this time to do the things we put on hold because we got busy with the every day living. Like, finishing that book or learning to play an instrument, fixing your room, or even finishing that series you’ve been wanting to binge.

During this horrible time I hope we can all introspect to spark flame to the passion that we killed to keep up with the society. This is the perfect time to really get to know yourself, to see what is really important in this life. I hope everyone uses this time to spend more time with their loved ones. Also, this is not the time to procrastinate we don’t have any excuses now.

Stay safe everyone.

-Joana x

P.S. This is a message for myself lol. I’ve been too lazy to write, read, or even do anything right now.



Hello everyone, I guess everyone’s home right now during this terrible time for the whole world. A little social sacrifice won’t hurt and staying at home is the best thing you can do right now. This pandemic is causing panic and paranoia for some, this virus should not be taken lightly, it’s fatality is low but it’s transmission is very strong. So, a nation lockdown for me is the best solution as of now until the experts find a vaccine for this terrible virus. But for some country especially the third world countries being on lockdown means not going to work, which means they won’t have money to buy their needs. I’m talking about the public transportation drivers, the vendors, the homeless, and other employees that has an evil employer who won’t stop operation during this crisis. How about them? The government should provide their needs, this crisis shows which nation has a great leader who truly cares for their countrymen. This crisis also shows who lacks empathy and sensitivity to those who doesn’t have the same privileges. During this time I guess everybody is on social media and I see lots of celebrities and personalities trying to share some encouragement and hope but receives backlash in return. We have to watch our words during this time because instead of lifting spirits up, your words might get taken out of context and you might get called insensitive.

Seriously guys, let’s all be kind to each other and instead of debating and arguing we need to be there for each other and spread positivity and hope. I’m praying for this to end soon and I hope everyone of you is healthy and okay. Guys, please stay at home as much as possible especially the elders. Stay clean, wash your hands, drink your vitamins, and STAY AT HOME!