One day at a time, only think about today. Okay? 


I know your life right now is not what you had expected. It is not what you had planned and you think everything is out of place but just hold on and I’m saving you from all of that “it-gets-better” advice cliché but just stay for awhile and hold on because if you don’t you’ll never know what’s going to happen next on your favorite TV show or you’re going to miss out on the new songs from your favorite band and you’ll definitely going to miss out on the stupid things the society does *insert sarcasm*

It will get better or maybe not but sure hell you’re going to miss out on a lot of stuff if you give up. 

Live for the little things.


Are you the kind of person who is too lazy to do anything? Are you one of those that cram to meet deadlines? Or study in the last minute before exams when you have the whole weekends to do it? Do you often say “Oh I have plenty of time, I’ll do it later” until you forget to do it and start cramming? Do you have moments when you feel like you’re already tired just by thinking of doing a certain task? Well if you agree to all of what I just said then you are a certified procrastinator, don’t be proud. You need to stop it.

Laziness is what stopping most people from achieving their goals— setting the important things aside and ignoring deadlines all for the sake of pleasure and comfort. Time is not your friend it will betray you and before you know it, it’ll be gone and there’ll be no time left to do the important things. So start being organized and set your mind on your goal, manage your time. When you’ve given yourself a task initially work on it and don’t set it aside. I know most people waste their time thinking of doing a certain task but not actually doing it, they lie there and stare in blank just thinking and it gives them anxiety, try putting in your mind that after you finish that task you’re on your way and crossed off a box on your long list that keeps your mind preoccupied, it’ll make you feel relaxed and it’ll remove that anxiety. Start making a habit of being punctual about everything. In a simple not pressing the snooze button will do. Because above all of this life goes on there’s no pause button, life is on play while you’re sitting or lying there on your couch putting everything on hold. 

Procrastinating will get you nowhere life’s not going to hand you the things you need, you have to work for it, you need to move. Life demands effort for you to get the best things, yes what’s meant to happen will happen but you need to try and make it happen. There’s no magic wand which we all wish there was and there’s no short cut to a greater life which we also wish there was so better get moving to reach your dreams, get up and start on that task you put on hold. 

Stop procrastinating! Do it now!