I Just Want A Simple Life

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We all crave for that “better” life whatever that is, and we all have different views of what that is. We all have different things that we want in life. Some want to have that great big house and nice cars, some want to travel the world, some want to find their passion but most importantly all of us want to find happiness. But what is happiness to you?

I was never a materialistic type of person, all I want in life is to live with a peaceful mind and having enough to support myself and my hobbies which is to just write and play video games lol but I never wanted to have a grand life. I don’t want a mansion or nice cars, I’m happy to live in a tiny cozy home. I never crave for too much money, I even daydream of just living in a trailer home and be on the road whenever I want. This is what I picture happiness is, the calmness in life— the contentment.

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I’m a huge fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and there are moments where out of nowhere a certain scene or phrase from the show suddenly pops into my head like recently when we were in a hotel room I suddenly remember the time Ross and Chandler stayed at a hotel and took every possible hotel amenities they could get lol well it also happens in random shows/movies/songs/memories like I’ll just remember a random memory from the past for no reason and lately a specific scene from F.R.I.E.N.D.S got stuck in my head, it was the one where Chandler quitted his job that he hated and he sort of pointed out that everybody hates their jobs then everybody disagreed and said that they love their jobs. Got me thinking what percentage of people actually love what they’re doing and actually enjoy their jobs? 

It is a norm in this society to get a job to be able to provide the needs and wants for one’s self or in short we work for money and most people follow the path where it can give them more money but do they love what they do? I contemplate a lot about this and about getting a job because I’m entering the “real world” and I don’t want to be stuck in doing something that I don’t like, I know money is important but I don’t want to be one of those people who surrender their whole life just by earning money, I know you have to pay bills and other stuff and it may be irrational or unreasonable to say that I don’t care how much I make as long as I’m doing what I love and what I’m passionate about. I’m a dreamer I know, I should slap myself and just wake up but I don’t want to sacrifice my entire life and happiness to doing something meaningless. 

Well, that’s what’s bugging me for tonight. Good night. 


We all seek for that one thing, the contentment and that one puzzle piece that will complete us. Some may have found it already or at least they know what they’re looking for, they know what they want and they’re very fortunate because for some it is still a mystery and it is still a treasure for them to find. 

They say happiness is a choice but we can’t really choose something that we don’t even know. They say it’s in the little things but it’s like so little that we don’t notice it anymore. Are we just being unappreciative that we take everything for granted? Or we just don’t notice it until it’s gone? 

Everyday is a constant hide and seek with happiness. Yes, it may sound dramatic but believe it or not some people are having a hard time to be happy and contented with their lives. 

Some people are being blinded with negativities of the world that it’s very difficult for them to see the good things, everything is a blur to them. It’s like happiness is a temporary thing, it comes and goes but I truly believe that one day we will grasp it and it will stay with us forever.

One day we will not try so hard to search for it, happiness will eventually find us but we also need to do our part and just take one step at a time towards it. 

Remember what made you smile for a day and try to bring that back each day. 

Have those affirmation lists.

 Listen to your favorite songs. 

Watch your favorite movies. 

Have that positive feeling everyday. 

We may not know what happiness is right now but we will try our best to figure it out and we will get there. It is not a race so let’s all patiently continue to seek for that thing and find that puzzle piece until we become whole.