I’ll look back at this and not remember a thing about the classes, it’ll be the people who made this chapter worth rereading and I wish I can redo it again— the last four years I had. All the memories I’ve made with the people I’ve loved. I’ll make the time worthwhile while were at it. Can I have that remote from “Click”? because who knew it’ll be this quick, four years ago I was a new meat and now all of this was over in just a heartbeat. 


Another night where I’m thinking about everything and it’s been a while since I wrote about what I think, right now I’m thinking about what comes after, what’s going to happen next— this is the time where I’m supposed to be freaking out, I wasn’t until now (thanks brain). 

 I’m going to graduate in a month that means everything’s going to change right? I have to adjust to a whole lot of changes, it’s the next chapter of my life and this is the part where it gets real, I have to get a job which I’m very anxious about and also this is where I’m either going to find myself or feel completely lost. This is the time where I need to stop being lazy and stop fooling around. How I wish I could freeze time, I’m thinking about how I won’t see my friends often like I used to and the possibility that we won’t even be friends anymore that’s what makes me sad the most (friends come and go). I may say to myself that I’m ready but honestly I think I’m not.
Quite terrifying. 

Yes, everything is definitely going to change.