My Favorite Things: F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Bought this shirt and the sticker (he’s her lobster) just for the reunion

I think I’ve written several posts about my love for this show. This is my comfort show that I still re-watch up to this day. I am addicted to this show and I am proud to say that. I still choose to re-watch this show even though there are a lot of new series and shows that you can watch these days.

I guess I love the show because of reminding me how simple life was back then. I love the low maintenance friendship they had. There were no phones, no need to take pictures of the food before eating it lol. They really talk to each other with no distractions. Every time I feel sad I watch one episode of Friends and after that I forget why I was sad in the first place and I’m not exaggerating on that.

This show instantly puts a smile on my face and when they did the reunion I teared up of the thought of why wasn’t I old enough when this show first came out and why did I only watched it when I was in college? Either way I’m glad I watched it because it is the best show ever. If you haven’t watched this show yet I am judging you lol.

How about you? What are your favorite little things that makes you happy?


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Why Do I Have Friends?

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I’m sitting here in my chair in front of my computer, and I’m suddenly thinking of why I have friends. Seriously, why do I have friends? If you met me, I don’t have the friendliest face in the world. I’m not going to be the first one who will initiate a conversation, I’m going to smile but I won’t be the first one who will say something. I can also be the most boring person at first because I’m not comfortable with a person that I barely know. And, now I’m thinking how did I get all of my friends to be my friend?

I’ve established in one of my post that I’m “the quiet one”, I don’t talk much if it’s not needed and I don’t know how you make friends if you’re not a talker but I have these friends that I talk nonsense things to nowadays, and most of them chose me to be their friend or they were stuck with me, either way it turned into genuine friendships. My friends and I have different personalities but same mindsets, and I’m lucky to have found people who are so different from me but also have a lot of similarities with. Honestly, making friends was always my problem back in school, every year I will be with different groups of students except in high school where I stayed with the same classmates for most of my high school life. I was always hoping someone would talk to me and be my friend, and that sort of happen year by year. And, in high school I met my best friend for almost 10 years now and in college that happened too, in short I had friends and I’m currently questioning that right now because I met myself, I think I’m a great person but I’m honestly not that friendly at first sight. I should probably ask them right?

Anyways, this is just some random thoughts and it made me feel grateful for my friends, who I consider my family as well. I’m actually more comfortable around them than my own family. And, thinking all about it, making friends is really important, these people are going to be one of your anchor and rock when things get tough or when you’re too conscious to talk about things with your family. Creating genuine friendships is one of the things that make this life bearable, it makes life easier, and it makes life fun. If you have this you’re very lucky and if you’re going through rough patches with your friends talk things through because you’ll need each other in this crazy life.

I had these thoughts along side listening to LANY’s song Where The Hell Are My Friends? I usually listen to this song when I’m feeling alone but the thoughts that I had was why do I have friends? lol.


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Poetry – Goodbye, Old Friend

Your laughter covered up the whole street,
running around and even dancing to the beat
of the neighbors music while mowing the lawn.
All I have is that memory, now that you’re gone.

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We all have that movies/shows that we never get tired of watching, and we practically know all the scenes, what’s going to happen, and memorized all the lines. We somehow feel good when we watch these certain films, it makes us feel cozy.

So, I’m sharing with you my comfort films/shows that I have watched for a million times and I still can’t get enough of them.

The Last Five Years

This is originally a broadway musical turned into a movie starring Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan back in 2014. It is a story about a couple’s journey in their relationship, how it started and how it ended within 5 years. I love how the story telling goes backward and forward in the movie. This movie has minimal dialogue, it’s mostly songs. Most people compare it to La La Land because of the plot and everything but I think The Last Five Years is better in terms of storyline and the songs. La La Land has the visuals.

I don’t know why this is my go to movie when I feel a bit sad. I love musicals but this movie hit so hard in my feels. Sometimes I just want to sing sad songs and be in a musical 😂

Rise Of The Guardians

Yes, this is an animated movie but this is one of the best! I had a crush on Jack Frost ☺️❤️ lol.

For those who don’t know this movie, it’s about the mythical characters most of us grew up believing such as Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Sandman, and Jack Frost. They are known as the “Guardians” in the movie. The movie’s plot was about defeating the boogeyman who’s goal was to make children stop believing in the “Guardians”, which kills the joy, imagination, and dreams of the children.

I really like this film, it has such a great concept. It makes me wish that I was a kid again.

50 First Dates

I probably would add all of Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler’s films, but I guess I have to pick one.

50 First Dates is a romantic comedy about a girl named Lucy who has a type of amnesia that makes her relive today all over again when she sleeps. She’s not able to create new memories. So, when she meets Henry she has no recollection of meeting him when she wakes up the next day. This movie is so cute as Henry needs to reintroduce himself to Lucy everyday (isn’t that so sweet?).

Anyways, my sister introduced this film to me and since then I fell in love with their tandem without realizing that they were also the ones who were on The Wedding Singer which I also loved.


Okay, I must say that this show was really the one that got me obsessed to the point that I watched all 10 seasons of it, and I will watch it all over again as soon as I finish it. (I’m not exaggerating, ask anyone I know). I still laugh at the punchlines every time lol.

This show is about 6 friends living in New York trying to go through silly problems about relationships & career. This show will probably be unappreciated in today’s time as this got criticized over sensitive topics that back in the 90’s was not a big issue. And I don’t support the show about it, I was also disappointed at certain episodes and characters but looking past that, it is a great and fun show to watch. It really lifts me up every time I feel down.

These are the films that I watch every time I feel like lying down and wanting something familiar to comfort my mood.

What’s your comfort film/shows? 😊


To: Stranger

From: A fellow stranger

It’s funny how I’m more comfortable telling you about my misery and sharing my personal stories when you’re entitled not to care yet you still give me all these unsolicited advice. You were there when I thought I was the only one who was feeling what I was feeling— I wasn’t alone. I don’t know you but it feels like I do. It’s also quite funny that I don’t feel any awkwardness to tell you about my true self and to show you my vulnerability. You helped me in so many ways that you don’t even know, when my own family and friends wouldn’t understand me— you did. You don’t judge and you’re honest which is why I often come to you but even though you help me become me, I still get this feeling that it’s not enough. I’m grateful to have you but behind it I still wish that whatever I have shared with you I could do the same with someone who is close to me. I still wish that the person who I want to share my stories with would be someone I regularly see in the flesh because I have to admit I don’t care what everybody else thinks except what the people around me thinks. I am grateful to you I just wish I have the confidence to tell them this.

This is for all the strangers we have encountered, we all have that person that we have shared our thoughts and feelings to who we don’t really know but we were very comfortable to pour our hearts out.

I wrote this because I often find myself being more open to “strangers” in the form of this blog. I felt like I have built connections here that I don’t have with my own friends and family because with this blog I am more me than what I am in person. At some point I think about how nice all of these are but I also wish my friends and family know this side of me but I don’t let them because of judgments and I also wanted to have my own space as well.

This post is also an appreciation post to all my blogging friends out there. I am grateful for all the comments and followers this blog has, I mean we’re at 880 followers. I still can’t believe it, I remember writing my first blog post and saying that I don’t even care if someone will read it or not but here we are now. Okay, before I get emotional I am seriously thankful for every comments, messages and views that I have gotten here, you guys helped me go through my darkest times even just by being a reader of your blogs you inspire and motivate me.

I am not that active anymore here on WordPress like I am back then where I regularly post everyday and I’ve been meaning to write the reason why (maybe on my next post) So, I’ve been in and out of here trying to be updated with what you guys write and I am also a silent reader that is why I am taking this chance to share some of my fave blogs that I follow here on WordPress, some are old blogs that I have been following for a while and I’m pretty much familiar with and some are new blogs that I have followed just recently. These are some blogs that inspire and motivate me and you should follow them as well if you haven’t already.

  • Sticky Situation – formerly Questions From A Teenager and probably one of my favorites, I relate so much with what she writes about life, the struggles, the frustrations. She just did a relaunch for her blog Sticky Situation go over there now because the aesthetic of the blog is just very pleasing.
  • SaaniaSparkle – I just recently follow this blog, something that I love about a blog is one that makes me think and contemplate on different versions of how people see life. Like with this one it’s very fascinating to read a very well written life philosophy.

I am sucker for poetry and word stories. I really like poetry where words are well constructed and great flow of story. These three blogs write exquisitely.

These are just some of the blogs that I can name on the top of my head, I’ll probably do another and share some blogs or articles that I really like.

Any blog recommendations that I could read? Share it in the comment section below, thanks!