My brain is like a broken disc and leave a big lapse, I often get in this situation that I forget what I was going to do or what I was going to say. I often stand in a room remembering what I was going to get and for the reason I am writing this post is that I was about to write something and I totally forgot about it. 

It’s quite funny but at the same time kind of frustrating, am I getting really older? I mean I’m just turning 20 this year. It’s frequently happening nowadays, I guess the nerve cells in my brain are getting weaker and it’s quite scary though as my family has a history of Alzheimer’s disease and my brothers keep reminding me that we are prone to that but I’m not really taking that seriously because this happens to people, they forget certain stuff right? So I’m just really overstating my forgetfulness lol

Have you experienced forgetting about a certain thing? Share it in the comments maybe? 🙂 

P.S. I’m still trying to remember what I was really going to write today haha