Green Beli NFT Game

The rise of NFT game is here and there are hundreds of NFT games out there but few are trusted or worth to play. And there is one game that I am proud that invested in and entered early, it is called Green Beli: The First Eco-Friendly Game Fi. I discovered Green Beli in late October when I was looking for other NFT games to play I was hesitant at first to try since it was new so I did my research first where I watched countless Youtube reviews about the game and now I can say that I am glad that I took the risk.

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I’ll look back at this and not remember a thing about the classes, it’ll be the people who made this chapter worth rereading and I wish I can redo it again— the last four years I had. All the memories I’ve made with the people I’ve loved. I’ll make the time worthwhile while were at it. Can I have that remote from “Click”? because who knew it’ll be this quick, four years ago I was a new meat and now all of this was over in just a heartbeat.