It has been a crazy weeks for us with this virus still out there, it is our true enemy but why does the government see the people as their enemy instead?

I used to hate talking about politics and I still do because I don’t know much about it. I hate arguing and I pretty much like to be ignorant with what’s happening to steer clear of negative vibes but right now it’s not just about politics, it’s also about being a humanitarian and turning a blind eye to what this fascist government is doing to our country and how they treat our fellow Filipinos just makes you like one of them.

Yes, given the fact that they still go outside amidst this pandemic and the government ordering the enhanced quarantine to somehow contain the virus from further spreading but the people barely make it through a day in their normal lives what more with this lockdown that their only form of providing for their family and for themselves is by working? And the government wants the people to listen when the message that they try to convey is anti-poor? How will you make the people listen if you try to communicate with them through fear and making them more hungrier than they were yesterday?

“Hunger unleashes that madman in us, it’s better to eat than be eaten.” – The Platform

To the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, I have not been a fan since your day 1 but I had hope for a change like you said. I tolerate your language because I guess that’s how you really are but in times like this a message of encouragement and hope is much needed from you rather than imposing threats and fear to your countrymen. People are finally waking up now Mr. President, we will no longer be quiet.

To the people defending this government including some of my friends and family, saying that what the president said was taken out of context, it’s not just about what he said because this wouldn’t even happen if the president was transparent with his concrete plan for this crisis (if there is such a plan). Where did the 200 Billion go? What did he do with his special power? What will happen to the Philippines? If you still don’t see why this is such a big issue, please open your heart and mind and see what this is doing to our less fortunate countrymen.


You wouldn’t understand, your fridge is stocked.



Sobrang bigat ng
nararamdaman ko,
hindi ko alam kung
bakit ako nagkakaganito. 

Akala ko ako’y
bumubuti na ngunit
isang patikim lang pala
ang ginhawang aking nadama. 

Tila parang ako’y
nawawala sa aking sarili
lalo’t sa gabi
na ako’y di mapakali. 

Ang aking isipan ay tila
nilalason ng kadiliman
dulot ng mga imaheng
aking gusto nang kalimutan. 

Pilit kong inilalagay
ang aking utak sa isang
lugar na mapayapa
ngunit ito’y hinahabol
ng mga masasamang nilalang
at patuloy itong ginagambala. 

Pagod na ako sa pagpapanggap,
tila ang kapayapaan na aking minimithi ay malayong aking malasap. 

Kaya ako’y wag mo ng tatanungin
sapagkat ang aking isasagot ay “okay ako” at sawa na akong magsinungaling.