I hope tonight the wave of thoughts would stop coming into your mind. 

I hope tonight you only think about the times you smiled, laughed and had fun with your friends and family. 

I hope tonight you’ll finally stop crying about your problems and realize that your life is worth living. 

I hope tonight you see your worth and know that someone cares about you and that YOU MATTER. Someone is happy because you exist. 

I hope tonight you sleep with a smile on your face and not with those puffy eyes.

I hope tonight you dream again. The dreams you had when you were a child.

I hope tonight you regain your faith and your optimism. 

And I hope tonight you hope as well. 



People may bat an eye on the things we do and they probably don’t understand it from their point of view. 

It may all seem so senseless to them but everything we do is a reflection of what we went through. 

They might not see the logic of it all for they don’t really understand the real you and your true soul. 

We all have our coping mechanisms to get through the downside of life and in these ways it gives us a purpose to continue this fight. 

All those judgments on our ways let it pass through one ear to the other and just ignore the whispers. 

Being misunderstood on our acts just shows that we are all different and that is a fact. 

Break out from the world they live in because we have our own that we don’t have to desperately try to fit in. 


I’m flowing through these lines as life gradually writes me down. Following this path and this guide down to a place of discovery—leading to finding one’s self and to make sense of existence.

We follow a series of lines and I follow this notebook lines that my right hand is very familiar with and I will not stop until all of my papers are filled with meaningful words.

Every stroke of a pen down this line is a piece of this big puzzle. Every word is a clue to this case. And every drop of an ink on this canvas is a color to this masterpiece.



I’ll Be Okay by McFly

Who Knows by Avril Lavigne

Freak Out by Avril Lavigne

Extraordinary by Mandy Moore

Little Things by One Direction

It’s Time by Imagine Dragons

Change by Taylor Swift

Get Out While You Can by James Bay

Time Of My Life by David Cook

Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson

Just a follow up for that “Kill Your Mind…” post, I compiled some songs of encouragement. Have a great weekend everyone. 🙂