Art Is What We Live For

Photo via Canva

I was browsing through several art accounts on Instagram and I’ve also been watching time lapse videos of artists’ acrylic paintings. While watching I was so amazed and it’s so comforting as well, and suddenly I started wondering why growing up we were so discouraged to pursue art as a career.

We were encouraged to get a business course or become a lawyer, doctor, pilot, or any other career as long as it does not include art and self-expression. I remembered when I was young I wanted to become a teacher and then it changed to having to do with arts, I was a member of the arts club when I was in grade school. I really loved writing and drawing back then but people around me kept saying “there’s no money in art” “it’s an unstable career” but looking back with my realizations now, art is what keeps us sane. Art is what keeps us inspired. We all need a creative outlet, it is a healthy way to release stress and it is also an effective way to express yourself when you can’t in the usual way. But why do the society belittle people who has dreams of becoming an artist?

But when you look at it, when you make it big it pays out well. Look at the famous writers, singers, actors some of them are the wealthiest people in the world. So, I keep wondering why the society belittle artists when they sit in their homes enjoying Netflix or playing video games when all of these came from art?


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The alarm goes off at 5 am and waking up before the sun does

need not to be late to go to work and at 7 am should catch that bus.

Got drawn to the rush of everyday living

and was focus to the purpose of earning

for the day they call the “future” 

yet the present seems such a torture.