This is a follow up post to my previous one, you know the one where I called out bad content creators (yikes!) as I’ve said who you follow reflects who you are, I know no one asked me who I’m following on social media but Imma share it.

I have two current obsessions right now in terms of internet personality: Bretman Rock & Ashley Ippolito.

Bretman Rock

via Instagram @bretmanrock

I love him because he’s a Filipino like me but living in the U.S and he’s killing it there as Youtuber. He’s a beauty guru/influencer but he actually started as a comedian first and he still does some crazy and funny things until now. Funny thing is he is gay but heterosexual females are all over him because he is that damn fine. His make-up is so on point all the time, I don’t even know how to do a simple make-up 😂. I find him super funny like I literally watch all of his video to make myself laugh lol. He is such a real person that’s what I like about celebrities and personalities, you sense how genuine a person is. He curse a lot though, so viewers discretion if you’re going to watch him 😁

Ashley Ippolito

via Instagram @ashley_ippolito
via Pinterest

Our internet mom ❤️ Okay, I didn’t expect to like a reactor on Youtube because I find them faking their reactions on what they’re listening or watching but this girl has the funniest reactions and comments, and I find her quirkiness to be cute which adds up to the comedic side of her videos. She’s also just simple and not trying too hard just to make a content. I also appreciate how she gives advice on mental health and using her platform to actually talk about the importance of actually talking about it and taking care of yourself. I’m obsessed with her videos right now, I find myself watching her videos from years ago and I’m seriously laughing too damn hard. She has 3 channels that you could check out:

Ashley Ippolito – personal vlogging channel
Reacts By Ash – Music reaction channel
ur internet mom ash – Movies & TV series reaction channel

These are my current obsessions right now, and I realized that these two has a similarity; they are not afraid to make fun of themselves but at the same time they can kick haters ass 😆


Welcome to another highlighted words segment where I share with you guys some phrases and words from books that I read and I felt it was relevant and relatable. This blog series also shows my laziness to write a proper book reviews lol (sorry) I should change my blog name to The Lazy Writer is that one taken yet? 🤔


Let these highlighted words from the book speak for the book itself.

Love Letters To The Dead By Ava Dellaira (Novel)

Credits to goodreads

“Sometimes your music sounds like there’s too much inside of you. Maybe even you couldn’t get it all out. Maybe that’s why you died. Like you exploded from the inside.”

“The more you love something, the harder it is to lose.”

“I think it’s like when you lose something so close to you, it’s like losing yourself.

“But life isn’t like that. You can’t be sure how it’s going to come out, even if you do everything right.”

“Music fills up a home. And one day, suddenly the music could escape through a window. For the rest of your life, you had to chase it.”

it feels good to belong somewhere.”

“If beauty is truth, and if truth is beauty, they are defined by each other, so how do we know the meaning of either? I think that we make our own meanings, by putting ourselves into them.”

“Then I just go around and around. And I still don’t know how to make sense of the world. But maybe it’s okay that it’s bigger than what we can hold on to. Because I think that by beauty, you don’t just mean something that’s pretty. You mean something that makes us human.”

“Maybe that’s what being in love is. You just keep filling up, never getting fuller, only brighter.”

“I think a lot of people want to be someone, but we are scared that if we try, we won’t be as good as everyone imagines we could be.”

“You are in awe of something so beautiful, and at the same time, you know that particular sunset will only be there for a moment.”

“I know that it can be hard to believe that someone loves you if you are afraid of being yourself, or if you are not exactly sure who you are. It can be hard to believe that someone won’t leave.”

“When we are in love, we are both completely in danger and completely saved.”

“We were here. Our lives matter.”

“Truth is beautiful, no matter what that truth is. Even if it’s scary or bad. It is beauty simply because it’s true. And truth is bright. Truth makes you more you. I want to be me.”

“I have found that sometimes, moments get stuck in your body. They are there, lodged under your skin like hard seed-stones of wonder or sadness or fear, everything else growing up around them. And if you turn a certain way, if you fall, one of them could get free. It might dissolve in your blood, or it might spring up a whole tree. Sometimes, once one of them gets out, they all start to go.”

“Nirvana means freedom. Freedom from suffering. I guess some people would say that death is just that. So, congratulations on being free, I guess. The rest of us are still here, grappling with all that’s been torn up.”

“After something really bad happens, the next worse thing is people feeling sorry for you about it. It’s like confirmation that something is terribly wrong.”

“It’s sad when everyone knows you, but no one knows you.”

“Do you ever think that for one second you could forget about how it’s supposed to be and just deal with the way it is?”

“Maybe it’s just when you get older, you understand things that you couldn’t before.”

“So maybe when we can say things, when we can write the words, when we can express how it feels, we aren’t so helpless.”

This was actually the last book that I read, and I had a hard time finishing it because I was so caught up with everything that was happening in my life at the time. Work and personal stuff got in the way. So, after 5 months I had finished it (yay). I enjoyed reading this book, there were so many quotes that I totally connected with as you can see from the ‘highlighted words’ above. The book had this great concept by the way, telling stories through writing letters like with Love, Rosie. I always loved that way of writing a book, I know it’s kind of overrated but it’s cute.

Anyways, I hope you liked these highlighted words as much as I did. 😊👋🏼


Welcome to another life lately post, if you are one of my new reader (hello ☺️👋🏼), this segment is about my current monotonous life. What I’ve been thinking, feeling, wanting, doing, and hoping lately. Please share yours, I really want to know. 😊

Lately I’ve been thinking…

why I tend to write life lately posts when it’s raining? lol. Plus, what a coincidence with the photo that I keep on using as a featured photo. Anyways, what I’m seriously thinking about right now is what the future holds for the world with the virus still out there? When will it end? So many lives are being affected by this, so many livelihood were taken, so many precious time wasted. Are we ever going to move on from this?

Lately I’ve been feeling…

a bit lonely and anxious but other than that I’m fine. I’m feeling anxious because I feel like I’m wasting time and I quit my job too because of the fear of contracting the virus, I just don’t want myself to worry that I will bring home the virus with me and risk spreading it to my family everyday when I’m coming home from work. I got used to being busy because of work and now that I’m unemployed I suddenly feel like a freeloader.

Lately I’ve been wanting…

to get a home-based job to earn even just a little, and also for the sake of doing something with my life right now.

Lately I’ve been doing...

a lot of blogging and reading. Obviously you can tell that I am active again here on my blog because I have nothing better to do as of the moment, so if you are reading this and I haven’t been following you please do leave your blog or leave something for me to read, or if you need advice/help on something you can talk to me. I have a lot of time apparently lol.

Lately I’ve been hoping…

that this pandemic will end soon. And also that the government of the Philippines get their head straight with handling this pandemic.

How’s your life lately?

P.S. I’m serious about how you guys should give me something to read and stuff. Leave it in the comments. 😄


As you can read in the title I haven’t really moved on from folklore (who has?) and I haven’t listened to anything after Taylor Swift dropped this bomb album. I feel like I didn’t express my love for the album enough from my previous review for the album because I initially wrote that review after my first listen to the album, I was so excited about it that I wanted to share it with you guys already without fully taking it in and reflecting. But now I did so many times, I am going to try my best here to explain my analysis of each songs and I’ll also try to rank it (please don’t hate me for this).

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I have always loved reading books, there was a point in time where that was all I ever did with my free time but then adulting happened and suddenly I didn’t have that free time anymore lol. I have read plenty of books but I never really wrote reviews about them except when I feel a strong connection to it but it’s more of a reaction than a review. So, I went to my goodreads page and saw all the books that I have read in the past and I initially regretted that I didn’t write a reaction/review to it because I was too lazy to write reviews on books. I just feel like a lot of things happen in books and there’s a lot of details unlike in movies, and I am not good with organizing and explaining my thoughts to write concise reviews. But I did highlighted some pages, phrases, sentences, and words that I felt I related to. So, for the next few days I am going to do a blog series where I share some of these highlighted words that I connected to at the time that I read it and for you to also have insights on these featured books.

Let these highlighted words from the book speak for the book itself.

The Dogs I Have Kissed by Trista Mateer (Poetry Book)

“I have been told that girls always fall for men like their fathers,
but I found it a hard concept to grasp when he was always gone.”

“Words like sweetheart and princess make me straighten my back.”

“When I found out that you could cry ‘please no, please don’t, please no, please don’t’ loud enough to wake the neighbors and they still wouldn’t turn on a porch light.
And I never wanted to tell anyone but the poems.”

“Will I ever let this guard down long enough to learn anything new? Fuck no.”

“In this life, you’re going to love like pulling teeth (one after another) and that’s okay.”

“compromising yourself is part of growing up.”

“it’s hard to tell the difference between wanting to die and just wanting to sink for a while.”

“I want to take the messy part of you in like small children, like stray dogs. Kiss them on the mouth, give them a place to stay.”

“Is this okay, is this okay, is this okay, or does it make me weak.”

“I don’t know why I thought the sound of your voice could make up for all the bad things that ever happened to me.”

“I don’t know how to be angry with you, but my pride demands I figure it out. It is so easy to make monsters out of the people I have loved, to pick up a pen and write ‘THIS IS YOUR FAULT’ until the page is full. It is easier to make myself the monster, to snap and bite and run and hide. It is easy to bare my teeth. It is harder to be honest.”

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