You care so much

what others think

that you let yourself

drown and sink

to words that adds

to the weight

that you already

have and hate.

Now, the thing is

you overthink this

your mind makes a list

of things you should dismiss

your mind is not in peace

and it’s like a disease,

when will it ever cease?




What is love?

We have always been asked this question, I think ever since when we were young and we often answer this with common answers that can be found on the internet but that’s their answers how about your personal answer? Have you already found it?

Some may have found it already while some are still searching for it. We have our own definition to the word love and it changes as to how we experience it. And as I’m experiencing it, it’s kind of a blurry vision that gets clearer and clearer as you wipe your eyes. I finally found my definition of love.

Love is a learning, it’s a choice, decision and a commitment. It’s not a feeling, it’s not something born out of sparks, it’s a progress. I don’t believe in love at first sight because you learn to love something or someone. It’s probably the hardest subject to study but it’s worth it. When you meet a person you learn their personality and you learn to accept it then you get fond of it, you accept even the worst parts of that person and that’s when you decide whether you want this person in your life and if you do, you commit to that person. It’s not about falling out of love, it’s a decision to stay when things get bumpy and it’s your choice if you still want that person.

As I’ve said we all have different definitions of love, you may or may not agree with what I’ve just stated in this post but what matters is your own perception of it and I hope you believe in love.

So, this is my version and definition of love. What’s yours? x





Seeking acceptance through vanity

that you forget your own dignity,

for the sake of what? Approval? 

Honey, this world is cruel

and you know it– you’re a jewel.

Yet, you let yourself be a fool

by letting yourself be consumed

in this modern day tune.

Singing of showing more skin

now your clothes are thin,

you follow the trends,

you gain new friends

will they be there until the end?

Because I can’t comprehend

the need of validation

through manipulated illusion

just to feel good about yourself

and just to feel accepted

But all I see are lonely kids

wanting to be wanted.