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The Mindful Modus
Author: Princess

Hello my name is Princess! My blog is dedicated to help people develop a healthy approach to work and life by incorporating mindful practices to everyday, mundane self care routines. Nice to meet you!

Sunshine Thoughts
Author: Sarah

My blog is all about what I write; articles, poems and stories! I am also a potterhead so I also publish posts about Harry Potter! My blog also includes many blog series!

Transatlantic Notes
Author: Molly

Transatlantic Notes focuses on the news and events that connect us all, with social, racial and environmental justice, mental health, and simple living (recipes and poetry) at the forefront.

Ella’s blog
Author: Ellaaa

 I love to write about (indie) music, sport and food, but expect to also see general lifestyle posts and more!

Bonjour From Brittany
Author: Bon Repos Gites

Hopefully, you will find some interesting posts inspired by the weird and wonderful things that help make this corner of France so unique; expect posts on folklore, legends, history, food, travel-tips and more

Sunsets, Books and Wine
Author: Lindsey Brogan

Lifestyle, beauty, travel and book blogger.

Believe Strong
Author: Manoj Mehra

 I write about different aspects of life. I write about life, people, emotions, relationships, women, issues, blogging, and Android.

Gregory Galanter, Author
Author: Gregory Galanter

An honest and quite personal blog by the writer, Gregory Galanter. It will cover a range of topics from reading to writing to chess to pinball and beyond. New content will release every Monday and Thursday night, EST.

Chasing The Maximum Life
Author: Anjali

Hey guys! How are you all? So my blog Chasing The Maximum Life is a lifestyle blog where I express my opinions, thoughts, ideas and views about various things such as fashion, inspiration and much more. Do visit my blog and if you like it don’ forget to follow me! Thanks a lot. Much love to all. 🤗😊🥰

Author: Shahrin

I created this blog when the world kept saying ‘NO’ and I desperately needed something to keep me sane..Since then I am on a journey to find myself and hopefully help you along the way. This blog is about the odd stories of life, it’s struggles, misfortunes; tales of my anxiety; awareness about mental health and so much more. I will write about what makes me happy and I hope to give you something to make you smile too.
This blog evolves as I do so there’s always new things happening.
Shahrin x

Comfort Reads
Author: Jess

 I’ve been writing book reviews since 2014. I started when I was 15 and through the years I’ve fallen more and more in love with blogging. It’s my space on the internet where I can share my opinion about all the things I care about. That includes baking, movies, TV shows, music, but mostly and mainly books.
Despite my blogs name, I do enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to reading. I read books from all sorts of genres and age ranges. I’m not fussy. All I’m looking for is a good story.
But I do tend to enjoy contemporary the most. My favourite books include The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and anything by Matt Haig and Morgan Matson. I also enjoy classics, Harry Potter, the occasional YA and Adult epic fantasy. Give me a good book and I’ll probably enjoy it.

Mind Beauty Simplicity
Author: Brittany

I am a minimalist lifestyle blogger who promotes living with less & Intentional living. I also include topics of positive psychology, self help, self care, beauty, fashion & home decor / organization. I’m a jack of all trades really.

Writing My Heart Out
Author: Accidental Blogger

Hey Readers, Accidental Blogger here.
Even though I started blogging accidentally, I’m proud of the fact that Writing My Heart Out has more than 200 blog posts.
So, what is my blog about?
I write articles, poems and post pictures clicked using my mobile. The topics for my posts are Self Improvement, Mental Health, Relationships, Blogging, etc.
I post new article, poem and a picture every week. Except during breaks 😉
Happy Reading!

The Perceptions Square
Author: Piyush Singh

Thoughts in the material and spiritual realm, the connections we seek to thrive in this ever increasing chaos .

Author: Dr.Era Singh

It is about my thoughts and what I feel about various aspects of life, as my way of seeing things written in the form of poetry, articles, or stories, etc. Sometimes I do write about my experiences in the medical professional and medical students’ life, also, about prevailing health issues. THE HIDDEN SOUL is all about spreading happiness, positivity, and motivation. I am a doctor who not only write a prescription but poems too, a mental health enthusiast, who believes mental health should be addressed, it is high time.

Amy’s Musica
Author: BelovėdAmy

My name is Amy and I am a introvert + extrovert teen who loves making friends and discovering other blogs! My blog posts three times a week….. I started out posting only about music, but now I have music, movies, books, random stuff and I even post about my followers every week! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Dainty Palms
Author: Pranjali Jain

Dainty Palms is all about spreading optimism and working towards a better lifestyle. I write about habits, mental health, some questions here and there, and some relatable experiences. I believe that there are never too many people to spread love and positivity and to talk about health. Even if one person’s life is changed for the better by something I wrote, my blog would be successful.
It’s about all things dainty.

Strategic Teams
Author: Sean Fletcher

To help you find the spark you need to enjoy not only enjoy work, but succeed through sharing our passion, thoughts and experiences regarding innovative business practices, management and leadership.

Random Specific Thoughts
Author: Introverted Thoughts

A blog where a teen gives her random thoughts a home. There’s always a place for articles, poems, book reviews and art posts!

Pointless & Prosaic
Author: Sadagopan Govindan

I will share Jerome K Jerome’s quote about his book that fits the description of my blog.
“What readers ask nowadays in a book is that it should improve, instruct and elevate. This book wouldn’t elevate a cow. I cannot conscientiously recommend it for any useful purposes whatever. All I can suggest is that when you get tired of reading “the best hundred books,” you may take this for half an hour. It will be a change.”
I have all sorts of posts on my blog. Please feel free to explore by diving deep inside what may look shallow.

Temet Nosce
Author: Kevin Kinge

The blog focuses on the topics of mind, body, spirit and personal development. Journeying with the readers on the world hidden within that illuminates our realities.

Pretty, Plus and Proud
Author: Ena

I hope to inspire and motivate everyone to love the skin they’re in!

Less Less More
Author: Brittany Olson

Brittany is a wife and mother of two. Through having less and doing less she continually finds more. Less Less More is her journey in simplicity and all things Less.

Chats With Chels
Author: Chels

Lifestyle blog – recipes, reads, skincare, exploring my own backyard, ticking off my bucket list, rambles & lots of icecream! Haha x

A Season Of Mountains
Author: Nomadosauras

A unique mix of travelogue and trek information, A Season Of Mountains tries to bridge that tiny gap between the longing and love for mountains, recollecting life-changing experiences, one trek at a time 🙂

Lifetime Traveller
Author: Jeric Urbayo

A travel and lifestyle blog. A blog that gives readers the best insight into the destinations, hotels, restaurants, and about life.

Joanna’s Reflections
Author: Joanna

Hi!! I write about Love, the wonders of life and the craze that is adulting. Pass by my blog for personal experiences, thoughts and more. Thank you.

Life of an unknown girl
Author: Chimera

I share my experiences which helped me grow and love myself. The aim of the blog is to make people understand the importance of loving yourself.

The Patchwork Fox
Author: Hazel

The Patchwork Fox is a blog I created in 2018. I started off focusing mainly on my lived experience of mental illness and my recovery journey, but it has since expanded to include topics such as personal growth, books, creativity, cats, self-care, disability, and much more. New posts every Wednesday and Saturday. 🙂

Life Beyond The Ledge
Author: Beth Matthews

Following my mental health and physical recovery after a suicide attempt.

Small Talks
Author: Pavithra

Hi everyone!! My blog is everything about me and my thoughts. I’m an avid reader and love to listen to western, Indian, and k-pop songs. I post some of my articles, poems, drawings, motivation, opinions, and views on a topic that comes to my mind. I welcome you all to visit my blog and have fun together.

Anna’s Styles
Author: Anita Annabel

Endless update on lifestyle, fashion, news, celebrity gossip, diet, health, photography, travel and all your favorite niches. Its going to be the best blog you’ve visited. Follow me for interesting updates.

Books By Maeve
Author: Maeve

Hey! Maeve here. I’m a pansexual teen blogger, whose been writing since I was ten *cringes* and obviously loves to read. What’s my blog about, you ask? Those two things! On my blog you will find everything bookish, including writing tips, book reviews, recommendations, book tags, and prompts. When I’m not writing or reading I’m making bad jokes (although you can find those in my blog too), watching comedy tv shows, and trying new things. xo, Maeve

Nin Chronicles
Author: Jaya Avendel

Through poetry, prose, parenting, and writing guides aimed at new writers, Nin Chronicles connects the writer to the parent. Nin Chronicles is an exploration of the inner creative and of life where it intersects with writing. I seek to educate, entertain, and provide a new perspective on family, life, and history through my poetry and fiction. I also love to share my best tips for succeeding as a writer or new poet in the literary world!

Wholeness Haven
Author: Holly

At Wholeness Haven, my goal is to inspire, uplift, encourage, and motivate. I want you to leave my blog feeling better than when you arrived! My topics include each area of our health: mental, physical, and spiritual. I also write words of encouragement and thoughts from the heart of God to build you up and set you free. I’d love to hear from you!

Cat Care Solutions
Author: Holly

If you love cats, you’ve got to come join us at Cat Care Solutions! I share cat care tips and tricks, cat parenting advice, reviews, feline funnies, and much more! It’s a lot of fun and I’d really love to hear from you about you & your kiddos! Meow, see you there!