Joana Salazar

A girl who never stops thinking and also trying to have a positive outlook in life.


PERSONALLY: I am a daydreamer and a night thinker. I am an introverted and reserved girl that believes in less talk, less mistakes. But I find writing as an effective way to vent out. I consider myself as a pessimist but now I want to balance the negative and positive parts of my life. I also love music, movies and books. I’m attracted to intellect and deep stuff that I can acquire more knowledge. I believe in higher power which is God, I believe that He has big plans for us we just have to be patient.

AS A BLOGGER/WRITER: I write stories/poetries that may or may not be true. I write from personal experiences, from my imagination and from other people’s experiences and perspective. Writings on this blog is not a complete reflection of my life. 


The Gigantic Thought Bubble is a collection and journal of my thoughts, it is an inside look in my brain so welcome. You can find  a bit about everything in here, there’s my personal stories, “creative” writings, random thoughts, motivational notes, music  and a bunch of other stuff. 


I’ve always wanted to create a blog ever since and now I finally had the guts and time to do it. I’ve also been in love with words and words of others but now I wanted to write my own and share it for I believe that every story is worth sharing. I am here to express myself and not to impress. 

Know more about me through my blog posts. Thank you for being here it really means a lot. If you want to ask me anything or you want to talk just click here, I’m all ears. 


“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” 

Philippians 4:13