Green Beli NFT Game

The rise of NFT game is here and there are hundreds of NFT games out there but few are trusted or worth to play. And there is one game that I am proud that invested in and entered early, it is called Green Beli: The First Eco-Friendly Game Fi. I discovered Green Beli in late October when I was looking for other NFT games to play I was hesitant at first to try since it was new so I did my research first where I watched countless Youtube reviews about the game and now I can say that I am glad that I took the risk.

Here are 5 reasons why I play Green Beli:

Great Cause

This is the first NFT game that I encountered that is working for a great cause which is to help the environment by sponsoring eco-activities like planting trees and doing clean-up drives. They even created Green Beli Environmental Protection Fund (GEPF) which is the allotted fund for these activities. It kind of boost the player’s pride knowing that little part of what they invested goes back to a great cause.

photo credits to Green Beli

Great Community/Supportive Team

The Green Beli community is very supportive that players are there to help each other when they have concerns and also the Green Beli team’s technical support is very responsive. I experienced it first hand when 1 one of my Green Hero was having problems and within just a reasonable time it was fixed. See photos below for proof:

From Telegram

Transparency and Credibility

The risk of entering these types of games is that you don’t know if the game you’re entering is a “scam” or legitimate but with Green Beli they are audited, they have credible backers, they were featured on Yahoo Finance, they do a lot of AMA (Ask Me Anything) Interviews, and they show their faces which a lot of NFT creators does not show their faces. They are also very active on updating their community regarding development of the game or any other plans that they have on their social media accounts:


Beginner Friendly Gameplay

Green Beli just released their Play-to-earn PVE mode last week. And what I love about the game is that it is beginner friendly, it can be played by anyone even if you don’t have any idea about the game. Also, this is a perfect game for those who have their day jobs just like me since it isn’t very time consuming. To play this game you need at least 1 Green Hero which you can buy in the NFT market. After buying a Green Hero you can start playing. Learn more on how to play the game here:

Main Screen
Energy depends on the number of your Green Heroes.
My Green Heroes
When you win you get rewards. When you lose you also get rewards 😊

The user interface of the game is quite “cute” and I really like the music theme as well.
Features the game could add:
– Make it available on mobile.
– Add more special effects on Green Heroes when they attack the boss.
– Add some type of “special” cards besides from numbers 1-10.
– Add daily quests.

Generous Earnings

Green Beli started with just a farming feature where you can stake your GRBE and earn GRBE back. GRBE is their governance token which is also used to buy in the NFT market. In PVE mode you can earn in the form of the in-game currency called GFRUIT. GFRUIT is worth 0.002$ in this time of writing, in each game in PVE you can earn GFRUIT whether you win or you lose. The amount of GFRUIT that you can earn in the game depends on the number of your Green Heroes. I currently only have 3 Green Heroes and I am earning at least 10,000 GFRUIT per day and that is worth 20$ per day. Here in the Philippines that’s worth more than the minimum wage lol.

The number of your Green Heroes affect your earnings.

I commend the reward system, it motivates players to play. I also like how there is a gradual release of rewards to avoid making the game a “cash cow” for players. There is a 5 day lock-up period before you can claim the rewards and also there is also minimum withdrawal of 100,000 GFRUIT. I hope GFRUIT & GRBE has more use in the game besides breeding and fusion to increase or stabilize the value of the tokens.

Future features of Green Beli according to their road map:


  • Release Breeding & Fusion
  • Game Beta release: PvP
  • Release Land
  • Release NFT items
  • First big Green Beli sponsorship


  • New game concept – voting by community
  • Expand Green Beli Ecosystem Fund
  • Connect NFT Game to real world


  • Cross-Chain NFT Market
  • Launching on Solana
  • Championship
  • Collateral Loan
  • Community Growth
  • Kick-off Green Beli Scholarship Program

The Crypto world is a risk so everyone should research every token or games that they would like to try and most especially invest what they can afford to lose.

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