Let’s Catch Up!

Long time no see everyone.

I want to be honest. I sort of forgot that I still have a blog lol. It’s been a while since I wrote something or even thought of writing.

Let’s see… Here’s what happened since I last posted something here:

I turned 25 last August 24th. I think I can legitimately say that I’m going through a quarter life crisis lol. I’m in this phase of where I’m alright but at the same time I feel like I need to do something with my life or else I’ll get left behind. To have enough wealth is the goal right now. Money is everything forget whatever I said in here years ago lol. I know in my country living with your family in your 20’s is pretty much normal but I feel like I am not growing by being in the same environment since I was born. I feel like I am missing out on so many things by staying in my comfort zone. But living alone cost a lot, I feel like I can do it but the thought of saving a lot more by staying with my family is something that I’m conflicted with. I guess this is really the age where you’re really thinking of what you are going to do with your life. Well, that’s that with my ramblings about being 25.

I also entered the world of NFT games which is taking up a lot of my time and sleep as well. The thought of gaining wealth hit me and I thought of investing in a fun way and just have a little extra income. I thought of entering Axie Infinity since it’s the NFT game that is already established so the risk is somehow lower than other Play To Earn games out there. But a friend recommended a game called Plant Vs Undead which is a project that just started 2 months ago. I researched a lot about it and I see a really huge potential for this game. And it’s cheaper than Axie. I mean I invested just around $70 and I got my return of investment in just a week with a profit of around $300 at that time. This is the first NFT game that I played, and honestly it’s quite fun to play, sometimes I forget that I invested money in it. I’m also open to other NFT games, comment down below if you have recommendations.

I just renewed this blog yesterday. One of the main reason why I’m so lazy to write lol. My domain and plan expired a month ago and I just had the will to renew it yesterday. Yes, I pay for this blog. A lot of people get surprise by that information, when you love what you’re doing it’s okay to spend a little. Now that this blog is renewed I’m having trouble coming up with ideas to write about. I guess for a few days I’ll be publishing some drafts I have left until I get fresh new ideas.

That’s all I got for now. I hope to see you again on my next post.

How are you all? Hope you’re doing good. I hope you haven’t forgot about me 🥺.


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16 thoughts on “Let’s Catch Up!

  1. There’s more to life than being wealthy… I didn’t believe this when I was 25. I was pretty broke at that time and I saved every penny I had to move out. Managed to save $24K in 7 months so I could move out so it can be done! I’ve been frugal ever since though, and to this day I’m still quite frugal. As a Millennial myself, I learned to stay away from Subscription boxes and other luxuries that can be easy to get caught up in (I avoid Starbucks too….) Trust me, the money will come. You’ll find an abundance in money once you settle down with work-life. I didn’t believe this 5 years ago. I’m 30 now.

    As for quarter-life crisis, I’ve been there too… things will get better. I wish I could say they get better and stay better but I’m currently going through some struggles these days. I know you will find your way. Give it some time and the wrinkles will work themselves out. Sometimes, what we need is time to stop and breathe!🧘‍♀️

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    • Hey Hilary thanks for this. This made me realize that it does get better because I am in a much better place today than I am before, back to the time when I think my life sucks.

      In terms of money, it’s sort of like an irony when I don’t really want money but I need it to be able to afford a simple life. 😅

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      • I find that whenever I need the money or really really want money, that money doesn’t come. But when I detach from money, that’s when money seems to be really abundant. Money also seems to be really abundant when I’m aligned with what I’m destined to do. It’s funny how the universe works!

        It is ironic, isn’t it? When we try to detach from the outcome, it’s hard, because we are usually still very attached. It’s hard to detach when we feel like we *need* the money. What does affording to live a simple life mean to you? Try to save 50% of your income if you can.


  2. I’m turning 24 this November and yet I think I’m experiencing that quarter life crisis too. I could totally relate that the thought of being independent plus the fact that it’s going to be hard and expensive on your own is challenging and overwhelming. And also balancing out the fact that you want something new because everything just seem boring but afraid to go out of the comfort zone yet because money really do matter is just squeezing through my worries and anxieties. Just hoping we could get out of these struggles much way faster and can figure out whats best to do to exit that situation and finally enjoy life. 🥺

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    • Hey there, I’m sure we will figure this out. It’s just difficult to go through all of it. 20’s is such a stressful years. I’m just wishing to go back to the simpler times you know? 😅

      Anyway, thank you for reading 🥺🤗 Advance happy birthday to you 🥳

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  3. Being your own person is so important and now that you’re at that stage in your life where that means literally be out and about on your own and finding your own way — which of course takes money. I moved out when I was 25 and rented my own place and it felt amazing — but my focus on money and it’s relevance has shifted now that I’m in my 40s. That’s not to say that money isn’t still what we all need to get by — I just feel so differently about it now. I’m not sure I can adequately explain it beyond the fact that I still need to have it in my life, but what I want to fill my life with has dramatically shifted. I think you’re at a crucial time of exploration — it’s great to be looking at where you want to go even if you do flounder a bit from time to time. I’m cheering you on!

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    • Hi Molly, it’s so great to read comments from people who went through the same phase that I’m currently going through, it makes me look forward to how I’m going to handle this phase. It makes me think that everybody did it and they turned out great, I can do that too. 😄 I know I will struggle but I’m still hopeful. I’m nervous but excited as well. 😁

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  4. 1. 🎶🎤 Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Joana! Happy birthday to you! 🎶
    2. It’s great reading your posts again! I always look forward to them. Your 20s is a time of growth and reflection. It’s perfectly natural to want to spread your wings and fly. When it feels right, you will know it’s time to move out of your comfort zone and be on your own.

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    • Amy, thank you so much! 🤗 I’ve missed this space and will definitely catch up on some readings 😉.

      I am indeed ready to fly. I’m just waiting for the perfect timing or for someone to push me lol.

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  5. Belated Happy Birthday, love!! I understand when you said it’s hard to be independent, especially on times like this. There are so many things that needs to be prioritized more and it’s just super hard to start over. I hope that you achieve all your dreams! And good luck with NFT!!

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  6. Happy birthday!

    Coming from 2 year shy on being 40 (hahaha), let me assure you that everything will be a’ryt. Basta stand your ground and observe your growth – very important. Minsan kc nde natin na t track our own progress when comparing to our peers/friends (nde maiiwasan yan). Ung money matters, comfort zone natin yan, kaka-anxious kya ung sakto o worse kulang budget. Napagtanto ko sa buhay ko (lalim noh hehe), na masarap gamitin ang wealth natin to invest in a relationship, especially sa mga nag show ng kindness sa iyo. Tsaka sa travel or new experience due to practical reason na madami ka nang nde magagawa pagtuntong mo sa edad ko haha (priorities change kc).

    Gusto ko ung NFT, lakas makatalino at makasinop ng isipan,feeling accomplished din. Basta invest u lang ung willing mong bitawan, yung makakatulog k p pag mawala.

    Napakwento na naman ako haha, sorry..

    Tagal ko ring nawala sa WP, makbalik na nga rin hehe

    PS: manager, pa-scho 😁

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    • Yes, Sir di talaga maiiwasan yung pag compare ng buhay sa iba. Nakaka pressure lang talaga ngayon. Ayun nga, gusto ko ng simple at comfortable na buhay pero to sustain that you need money 😅.

      Nakaka enjoy din ang NFT games ngayon, ang daming magaganda ngayon pero syempre dapat research muna bago pasukin 😊

      Di na rin ako masyado nakakapag sulat gawa ng work 😅 sana maging active ulit.

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  7. Belated happy birthday. I hope you are feeling better now. You are asking important questions about your growth and future. Take your time in figuring it out. Be patient and the answers will come. I hope they come to you soon.


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