My Favorite Things: My Music

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I could never go a day without listening to music. I feel so incomplete when I forget my earphones especially when going to work as I take the public bus to go to and from work, music accompanies me through it. Also, I sleep with music on as I couldn’t sleep without it which I don’t recommend since I sleep with my earphones on, I do set a timer though.

While we’re on this topic let me share with you a playlist of songs I’ve created on Spotify I named it Ignore The World as I listen to this playlist to “ignore the world” and drown out the noise of reality.


I think all of us has specific songs that we listen to every time we want to be alone and for me these are those songs. I am a lyric-centered type of listener, I focus on the lyrics more than the melody most of the time that is why most of the songs in this playlist are mellow. Listening to music is one way of focusing our mind on one thought and when you’re the kind of person whose train of thoughts doesn’t stop, music is one of the most effective way to slow that down. Also, discovering artists that perfectly explains how I feel in a song makes me feel seen and understood.

That is why I want to take this moment and appreciate what music does and it is probably one of the greatest pleasure in life that we take for granted.

Do music also uplifts your mood? Share your playlist with me. 😄

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9 thoughts on “My Favorite Things: My Music

  1. Ahh, I can’t work without music being played in the background. And I can relate to you post here. Though no exactly my genre, but will definitely listen to these and give my reviews! Thank you for suggesting!


  2. Ah music ❤ I haven't listened to any of the songs on your playlist and look forward to trying out some of them. If you like lyric-centered music do have a listen to ''George Ezra'' –I love that guy! His voice is on another level xx


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