My Favorite Things: Rain (My Pluviophile Heart)

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Lately, it’s been raining a lot which is my favorite type of weather. The cloudiness and gloominess of the sky gives me that calming feeling. One of the little things that’s been uplifting my mood lately is the rain. I know this is a silly little thing to be happy about but I want to take a moment and recognize the feeling I feel when it rains lol.

Every time that it rains I instantly feel at peace, if it isn’t even that weird I would gladly walk in the rain just for the hell of it, just go outside and just wander around in the rain lol. I had this fond memory of really enjoying this type of weather when I was in high school, we had this field trip in an amusement park but it was raining nonstop and other people had their umbrellas and was bummed out, they were not enjoying their day but me and my friends were having a blast even though our clothes were soaking. We didn’t mind the rain and we just enjoyed all the rides, that was a great day for us.

I don’t know what it is about the rain maybe it’s the smell and the sound of the raindrops that adds to that cozy feeling and to pair it with hot drinks, music, and a loved one? What more can you ask for right? Just the idea of lying in bed all day and feeling the cold breeze is so soothing. So, I want to appreciate the rain these past few days for giving me this kind of feeling.

This kind of silly thing is one of the things that we don’t really pay attention to, it’s not much but it gives us that comfort and peace even just for a little while.

How about you? What are your favorite silly little things that makes you happy?


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5 thoughts on “My Favorite Things: Rain (My Pluviophile Heart)

  1. It’s nice when it rains, especially after days of heat and humidity. It rejuvenates the Earth. But when it pours for days, and we have to be on guard for the flood, it isn’t fun anymore hiihihiihi


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