It’s Been A Year (Poetry + Rant)

Credits to Bloomberg

Sense of touch that we miss,
and the feel of your soft lips
it’s been a year since all of these
has been taken away in a bliss.

To be apart from each other
and should’ve made us closer
like a war with a terrible leader
feels like our days are numbered.


The pandemic is not getting away anytime sooner. It has been a year but it feels like we’re back from the very beginning. My country the Philippines has gone under another “lockdown” for 1 week as cases of COVID-19 had a surge these past couple of days. As Filipinos beginning to feel complacent as they’re adjusting to the new normal, we are back where we started but worst.

I’m saying that this lockdown is worst because the country can no longer afford an extended lockdown due to economic reasons. The capital of the country Metro Manila plus other areas like Bulacan, Cavite, and Laguna (NCR Plus) is currently on lockdown for only a week, and the government specifically said in their press conference that it is unlikely for them to extend this lockdown which from my point of view sounds like “whatever happens after this lockdown, we are going back to normal and just let things be”. You can’t contain a surge of cases in just a week. It has been a year and our COVID response still has no concrete plan on how to contain this virus except for naming quarantine schemes for a whole year. What is the use of this lockdown when people can actually still go out and the government is just imposing a curfew? Does the virus have schedule on when they are active?

The Philippine government failed from the very beginning of this Pandemic and it didn’t even get a chance to redeem itself.

  • Failed to make a concrete plan when number of cases were rising. Instead, imposed a nationwide lockdown and poured all the funds for military checkpoints, and gave unorganized LGU aids when they should’ve gave the majority of the funds to our health care system, mass testing, contact tracing, and other procedures that would’ve helped in containing the virus.

This is not about being a DDS supporter or not, you cannot avoid the fact that this administration is failing in handling this pandemic. Duterte administration’s sole priority this whole year was law and order, and they pour all their attention on that detail of governing. This is a virus where health is in jeopardy. Checkpoints and military is not going to defeat this virus. TESTING and BETTER HEALTH CARE SYSTEM will.


Take care everyone, be safe, wear a mask.

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3 thoughts on “It’s Been A Year (Poetry + Rant)

  1. Truth – “Better Health Care System”. Sad for us Filipinos. Nashock ako sa news nung Friday(Mahal na Araw). The recorded cases rise up to 15k :(. Malabo pa sa tubig kanal para makauwi nanaman ako ng Pinas 😦

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