Note For The Day 22

Our strengths make up for our weaknesses.

Our strengths can also be our weaknesses.

I was always conscious about my verbal communication skill and I even say it as a weakness of mine during job interviews. I can’t seem to be articulate and form cohesive sentences without mumbling or even stuttering. I sometimes get too nervous when people stare at me while speaking maybe this is also the reason why I tend to be “quiet”. Anyways, I explain myself well with my writing skill which makes up for my lack of verbal skill.

I also tend to be over-analytical sometimes, I see this trait of mine as a strength because it helps me with my planning & decision making but sometimes this over analyzing can turn into overthinking which we all know is not that healthy. This is why sometimes overusing our strengths can also turn into one our weaknesses.

It’s so amazing to think that everything about us— the weaknesses and the strengths are needed to be just balanced. We lack on one aspect but we have enough of another aspect to make it work. We have imperfections but we also have those things that cancel out those imperfections. There are some people who don’t excel in school and academics but they are the most creative people. Some people are not that wealthy but are blessed with a happy family. And there are those who are wealthy but living alone in a big mansion which shows that having too much or doing too much could also make us weak.

Know your strengths and weaknesses, learn how to make them both work in your advantage.

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