Don’t Fall In Love With Your Bestfriend

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Finding love is such a wonderful thing to have, especially the idea of falling in love with someone you have known for quite a while. Hopeless romantics may say it’s a dream to have it with a friend, the trust and bond is immediately there, and after all the films that have that love story shows how perfect it truly is— it’s not. Falling in love with your best friend can cause a lot of negative emotions and consequences.

Films that has these best friend to lovers story lines messed up your expectations and reality because of how it shows these perfect stories, and you being this hopeless romantic crave for the same story for yourself. Generally, love is not like the movies (just saying).

You and your best friend became friends all these years for a reason, and you suddenly see them with heart eyes, it makes you look desperate of wanting someone in your life and you see your best friend always being there, and your brain started thinking that maybe you two were made for each other. You are made for each other in a different non-romantic way.

It also ruins your long time bond with each other, leaving you feeling awkward around them. And when you finally decide to confess your feelings and your friend doesn’t feel the same way, you’ll be manipulative and start acting out like you’re the one who got wronged. And, you’ll leave your best friend feeling devastated, or worst they’ll start believing that they feel the same way and that is just pathetic.

Sorry, but to be honest it is truly pathetic to fall in love with someone you have known for most of your life, who you trust the most, and basically have been there for you through it all. I don’t believe in you just magically fall for your friend, it is sad and unfair that it took you that long to realize that you have feelings for your best friend, you took advantage of getting to know them as a friend and use it as a way to develop the relationship into a romantic one.

Though, I’ll respect it. I mean if it’s true love then who am I to stop it?

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Fall In Love With Your Bestfriend

  1. I agree with this. I have always found it a little selfish to tell someone that you love when you know they don’t feel the same and now the friendship is ruined because there is some awkwardness. This happens to me a lot.


  2. Finally, someone with the same opinions as me. I always felt watching all these romantic movies —I somehow got it wrong. It’s absolutely fine to fall in love with your best friend —it is not, how come you didn’t realise this all the years you been friends …

    I think it’s because of these movies this notion “boys and girls can’t be just friends” became a thing


  3. No one can say anything when it comes to human beings. Love is a sensitive topic and one knows what feelings one has for the other. Forcing you own feelings is punishing yourself.
    Great Post.


  4. Marriage and love are complicated things. Sometimes it works with your best friend, sometimes doesn’t. Sometimes, it works with a completely unknown person, sometimes doesn’t. You can’t say, it will work or not.


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