Note For The Day 20


Life isn’t a race and don’t run when the path is broken. Stop for a while and rebuild the path then go back running at your own pace.

I have seen so many people who are so eager to be successful so fast that they either hurt themselves or hurt others. Never compare yourself to others, we have our own path and some our just lucky enough to get a head start but never let that discourage you nor develop a self-pity. There is no definite timeline of when we should be successful. Ignore those posts you see on social media about “at this age you should have this and that”, just keep grinding towards your goals and focus on your own path. Eventually, everything will turn out fine.

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7 thoughts on “Note For The Day 20

  1. Much of feeling stuck in the rat race is caused by comparing ourselves to other people. Ditch the social media, and you will inevitably eliminate the self-comparison and feeling sorry for yourself.

    It’s good to have a healthy level of self-comparison because it drives ambition and drive to succeed in life, but social media is not a true reflection of reality. We aren’t meant to know what hundreds of our online “friends” are doing, or their highlight reels. Instead, we should be focusing on our own lives.


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