Life Lately 11


Lately I’ve been thinking…

of new things to do as life lately has been repetitive, i want to do something new even though I have so many things that I should do 😅. I’m thinking of what to write about as well as I’ve been a little uninspired these past couple of days.

Lately I’ve been feeling…

a little anxious as I started job hunting again, I decided that this year I will adapt to the “new normal”, I realized that I can’t wait for the pandemic to end and wait for everything to go back to the way it was. This pandemic’s time frame is indefinite and if I wait for it to end before I go look for another job, I’ll probably go insane.

Lately I’ve been wanting…

to travel!!! I miss going places and going on vacation, and also I want to move back into our home. Our house is still currently being renovated and it was supposed to be done last Christmas but there were a lot of changes in design. So, up until now we’re still squeezed into this little apartment. It’s one of the reasons that I’m so lazy to do things.

Lately I’ve been doing…

a lot of playing video games, I feel like my addiction to video games is back. If anyone of you is playing CODM, let’s play! Leave your ID in the comments 😆

Lately I’ve been hoping…

to get a job soon and make my anxiety go away because it really feels like I’m starting over again.

I’ll soon be able to keep up a blogging schedule, just waiting for us to move back into our home. The constant inactivity in this blog is frustrating me lol.

Also, I updated the blog directory please check it out. Discover and follow some new blogs.

How’s your life lately? 😃

Always remember to be kind, not just on others but also on yourself. See you on my next post!

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