There Is Rape Because There Are Rapists

Disclaimer: This post contains a sensitive topic and profanity not suitable for younger readers


Another important discussion is being tackled right now especially here in the Philippines as comments as to why women get raped is because of the way they dress or act. Rape is a never ending discussion and right now it’s being brought up because of an alleged “rape-slay” case of a flight attendant, and even though the rape angle is still questionable as the autopsy report said that the cause of death is due to a ruptured aneurysm, most people have quickly come to social media to victim-blame. Let’s set the headline aside, since I partially believe that the 11 men who were with Christine Dacera were innocent in terms of the rape allegations. It has been years and it’s really sad that we still need to debate on the cause of why rape happens.

It’s sad that we still need to explain that women’s clothing or the way they act has nothing to do with being raped. Rape happens because there are rapists. Why is it so hard to explain this? Why do most men think that women dress up for them? Why do most men think that everything women do is for them?

We have been adjusting in this man’s world ever since the world began, we normalized rape culture like it’s always going to be one of the things we’re going to worry about each day. We got used to sexual jokes and we fake laugh to cover up the awkwardness we feel deep inside. We need to be conscious in the way we dress to not be objectified. It’s really sad that it had led to this, it’s been really difficult to change it and erase the rape culture.

We need to end the rape culture. Stop victim blaming! Only rapists-minded would argue about the way women act, if the way girls dress or how they walk or act triggers your perverted minds and you act on it then you have a problem and it’s not the girls’ fault. It’s simple as taking things that aren’t yours as we call it being a kleptomaniac and with forcing girls/people to have sex we call it being a rapist!

I don’t want to make this long because this should have been a short discussion because it’s not that hard to comprehend.


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13 thoughts on “There Is Rape Because There Are Rapists

  1. So true! So tired of people victim shaming – finding the weirdest of reasons to justify the heinous act. A politician in my country actually said that the reason for rapes is that women eat instant noodles. Like WHAT?!?

    I hate how newspapers report the crime as ‘a 20 year old woman was raped on her way back from university’. It should be reported as ‘a 30 year old good for nothing man raped a woman on his way back from loafing around’. ARGH!

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  2. I was raped.. and it never heals fully. However, the rapists will always live in denial unless they get the right punishment..
    I wrote my story also on my blog..


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