It’s Hard To Lose Weight If You Are A Filipino

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Losing weight is one of the most set New Year’s Resolution. After all those celebration and holidays, and eating all those food, a lot of people are still on their holiday weight. But for Filipinos losing weight is a lot more difficult not because we’re lazy or unmotivated but for these different factors.


is the staple food of Filipinos, it’s one of the best source of carbohydrates that makes you gain weight and Filipinos can’t live without rice. For every viand there should be a rice, Filipino meal is not complete without it. That’s why if you’re a restaurant owner who offers unlimited rice, best believed Filipinos will love it.

Eating as bonding

Filipinos love to eat and it’s one of the best way to bond with Filipinos. By having a “food trip” or when you want to hang out and drink with a Filipino best pair it with a “pulutan” (snacks). Filipinos are not picky when it comes to food, we will try anything especially when it’s free lol. From personal experience I think I didn’t meet with my friends to just hang out, we always need to have any type of food with us. Even when you visit a family member you’re ask to eat and sometimes you can’t say no lol.

Celebrations are everywhere

We celebrate everything, and of course we celebrate it with food. We celebrate good grades, one week of a new born baby, every payday, or just by being in a good mood you name it.

Diet is a joke

as much as I want to hype how fun being a Filipino is, there are some toxic Filipino traits that we as a Filipino also hate. When you say that you’re on a diet here in the Philippines, they will look at you skeptically and doesn’t believe you can go through it. It’s one of a toxic trait for some Filipinos, they kind of discourage you for losing weight but when you don’t they’ll say a statement straight to your face that you gain weight (parang tumaba ka).

Overall losing weight is all about the mindset, it’s not really about the nationality. If you want to do something set your mind on it, and do the best you can to achieve it. I’m writing this because this is my New Year’s Resolution right now, to lose weight and be fit again. I have been binge eating every now and then, and this year I will really do my best to achieve this goal.

What is your New Year’s Resolution?

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15 thoughts on “It’s Hard To Lose Weight If You Are A Filipino

  1. Yes I think that’s true, it’s all about the mindset! I’ve heard working out is always good for losing weight so maybe working out with someone and being exercise buddies might help! This post was really interesting to read Joana! 🙂

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    • Yes, having a workout buddy is really motivating. I used to go to the gym but in 2020 that’s impossible. So, I kind of got lazy to exercise 😅. Thank you for reading 🤗

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You make some valuable points there. Down here in South Africa, it is also pretty hard to lose weight because since most of us are working from home, we also get very lazy to exercise and would rather binge watch Netflix and Showmax. Another problem is that diets make you ditch your favorite foods! So for my New Year’s resolution, I decided to look for a diet plan that I would actually enjoy and that won’t keep me from the plates I love. I found it!

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  3. No sweet drinks. Substitute water and diet drinks and get a pedometer. My favorite exercise is walking. I got myself a pedometer and I walk and read everything. I don’t sit down and read. That allows me to consistently walk 10-13 thousand steps a day. Last year I nearly walked 4 million steps. Results? Yes. I don’t gain weight period.


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