Justice #StopTheKillings


How can someone easily take a life?
Without hesitation they just take it.
It was a gun fight and they brought a knife,
not even a chance to announce defeat.

Arms raised and unarmed
yet, they point the gun,
they cause no any harm.
Cold on the floor, unable to run.

His eyes show no signs of guilt.
Adrenaline rushing through his veins,
looking at those he freshly killed,
what he did to them is inhumane.

What is justice if the law is on his side?
Where do you go when the law is the enemy?
There’s the proof but they choose to be blind.
Justice is gone and the law is on a killing spree.


I wrote this after I watched a police officer in the Philippines shot a mother and her son who were unarmed. There’s still no concrete explanation of why it led to this terrible incident. It’s so infuriating to think how authorities abuse their power that leads to these kinds of crimes. There is an increase of police brutality around the world, there are so many unrecorded incidents and many were unpunished because they were protected by the law makers and other state officials because they are part of the law. The world is so fucked up right now.

Photos are not mine. Credits to photo owners.

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