Cliché Romance

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The feeling of falling when looking deeply into someone else’s eyes. The electromagnetic wave that it sends throughout our body that kind of makes us feel nervous. Smiling from ear to ear until our jaws hurt because this feeling is what we crave for, it’s what we watch on our screens, it’s what we wait for. The cliché of love, it’s what we want to feel and have, even if sometimes we roll our eyes to it. The shallowness of romance that fuels dreamers to create an imagination that sometimes lead to real life expectation for the hopeless romantics but it makes love and life dreamy and worth having.


As I grow older, I have viewed love as an overrated thing. I have become a buzz kill to romance. I laugh at it, I roll my eyes when I watch romantic movies. Especially, when they say cheesy lines. I hate it when a girl gets easily swept off from her feet by this guy. But I remember when I was younger, when I didn’t know anything about romance and stuff, I loved watching these films. My favorite romantic film ever is A Walk To Remember, I really loved the idea of love shown in that movie. How you grown to have faith and change for the better, and looking back at it I miss having that feeling of watching romantic films, and being a hopeless romantic. I guess I grew up as a cynical person lol. But I realized that I don’t need to be a buzz kill for other people who wants to see romance as this greatest thing that they could possibly have. They could fantasize freely on how their love story could go, they could have expectations that I find unreal, and have high standards if they want to, these things make it real for them when they finally find it. I could go on and on about how love is this overrated idea but that’s just me, I don’t want other people to have the same mind like mine and kill the idea of romance that keeps people to believe in something. Other than having faith I think love is the second thing that people hold on to in times of doubt. In short, let people believe in things even if at times we find it a bit cliché.

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