Taylor Swift’s Willow Music Video Theory


So, Taylor Swift is really saving the year 2020 and just dropped another album besides to her prior album that she dropped less than 5 months ago. Evermore is apparently the sister album of Folklore, besides the album she also dropped a single with a music video at the same time titled Willow. I thought I could make this blog post into one with the whole reaction/review on the entire album but I decided to make a separate blog post for my theory on the metaphors that surrounds the music video Willow. I love how the metaphors and Easter eggs were used in Taylor Swift’s new music video or maybe I’m just reading too much into it. Anyways, I have these theories about what the music video means since no one really explained what was happening in the video yet.

The music video started off with the end scene of the Cardigan music video. She was sitting by the piano in her Cardigan, and she was holding this gold string that could be referred to the “gold thread” lyric in the song Invisible String, she was following this “gold thread” throughout the video, that led her to different timelines and places where she kept seeing her man or could also be referred to her love.

First, she was transported to a plunge pool/lake as she stared at her reflection and in her reflection she was with a man and they seemed so in love, this could show Taylor’s desire to find that man and that true love.

Next, a younger version of Taylor and this man was playing under the made up forts could also be referred to a lyric from a song in Reputation Call It What You Want and also a song from Folklore Seven. While they were playing, the younger version of the man suddenly disappeared.

So, Taylor kept following the “gold thread” and she was transported to her present self in a glass caged, carrying a small guitar, it seemed like she was trapped there and while she was performing she saw her man, they faced each other and even reaching out but Taylor was trapped in that glass caged, this could be referred to how Taylor was feeling throughout her career when it comes to dating.

Taylor found a way out through a secret door, she was now with seemed like a cult casting spells which could be a spell to find love and her man, and as she was casting the spell she noticed the “gold thread” and followed it, as she was walking, her man was part of the cult as well and he removed the mask that he was wearing and I believed he followed Taylor.

Taylor was back to the piano where she was sitting in the beginning and found the end of the “gold thread”, there she saw her man right there all along, and they held hands and walked out from the cabin into the golden sunset which how Taylor described her relationship with her current long time boyfriend Joe Alwyn in her song Daylight from her album Lover.

The way Taylor followed the “gold thread” could also symbolized fate and serendipity. Also, I noticed how the man was always there in these different timelines and places it showed that they were really meant for each other. It’s also crazy to think that in the Cardigan music video it showed how Taylor relied to music to helped her cope and now with Willow how Joe helped her.

That was my interpretation of the music video, you could say that I’m a huge fan but I’m also into metaphors. I really like analyzing movies/videos especially Taylor Swift’s as she’s very good in hiding Easter eggs in what she puts out.

I haven’t listened to the whole album enough to write a reaction/review and rank it, I’m working on it though lol.

Let me know your thoughts about the music video, and also what are you top tracks on Evermore? 😊

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10 thoughts on “Taylor Swift’s Willow Music Video Theory

  1. I really love the Taylor Swift now. She looks happier and more inspired now that she has a stable relationship. I am so happy for her and I really love this album!

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