Why Do I Have Friends?

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I’m sitting here in my chair in front of my computer, and I’m suddenly thinking of why I have friends. Seriously, why do I have friends? If you met me, I don’t have the friendliest face in the world. I’m not going to be the first one who will initiate a conversation, I’m going to smile but I won’t be the first one who will say something. I can also be the most boring person at first because I’m not comfortable with a person that I barely know. And, now I’m thinking how did I get all of my friends to be my friend?

I’ve established in one of my post that I’m “the quiet one”, I don’t talk much if it’s not needed and I don’t know how you make friends if you’re not a talker but I have these friends that I talk nonsense things to nowadays, and most of them chose me to be their friend or they were stuck with me, either way it turned into genuine friendships. My friends and I have different personalities but same mindsets, and I’m lucky to have found people who are so different from me but also have a lot of similarities with. Honestly, making friends was always my problem back in school, every year I will be with different groups of students except in high school where I stayed with the same classmates for most of my high school life. I was always hoping someone would talk to me and be my friend, and that sort of happen year by year. And, in high school I met my best friend for almost 10 years now and in college that happened too, in short I had friends and I’m currently questioning that right now because I met myself, I think I’m a great person but I’m honestly not that friendly at first sight. I should probably ask them right?

Anyways, this is just some random thoughts and it made me feel grateful for my friends, who I consider my family as well. I’m actually more comfortable around them than my own family. And, thinking all about it, making friends is really important, these people are going to be one of your anchor and rock when things get tough or when you’re too conscious to talk about things with your family. Creating genuine friendships is one of the things that make this life bearable, it makes life easier, and it makes life fun. If you have this you’re very lucky and if you’re going through rough patches with your friends talk things through because you’ll need each other in this crazy life.

I had these thoughts along side listening to LANY’s song Where The Hell Are My Friends? I usually listen to this song when I’m feeling alone but the thoughts that I had was why do I have friends? lol.


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8 thoughts on “Why Do I Have Friends?

  1. Our friends always see something in us that we don’t see ourselves! And yes, they do seem more like family than family at times. My life long friends are from when I went to boarding school for my final years and living in at university afterwards.


  2. Nothing beats finding genuine friends that you grow with in life. And I guess, it could be fate that led us to stumble in their path or the other way around, or maybe these awesome people just see the potential or the value we tend to overlook ourselves. Whatever it may be, having such friendships makes walking this vast Earth not only bearable, but also worthwhile and enjoyable. ♥

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  3. I would take a guess that those things you listed that make you question why you have friends are only a fraction of what makes you someone they value. You’re so much more to them than how you described yourself (which is fairly similar to me, haha). Having friends who stick with us and grow with us are blessings on so many levels — and you are too!

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  4. “most of them chose me to be their friend or they were stuck with me “! I can totally relate to you. I’m the type of person who gets termed as the ‘quite or shy type’ but I do have lot of friends even though I don’t have anyone to call a bestie. Still I’m happy with all the friends I’ve got. 😊❤️


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