Spirits of Christmas – Mr. Fine the Pine Tree

Photo via Canva

It’s the Christmas season and the Christmas tree farm is very alive with all new great pine trees in line.

It’s that time of the year again Pines, people are going to see you and choose one or two of you to take back to their homes, they’re going to decorate you with the finest ornaments and you will be in your greatest shape for all your Christmas’ lifetime. They’re going to choose based on how you look, how green you are, how straight and strong your branches reach out, and most importantly how you smell. Good luck Pine Trees!

Mr. Fine the Pine Tree got picked and got set up with a lovely home, he got the finest lights, garlands, and ornaments. Standing straight and tall with its twinkly lights and glittery dust. People coming over to the house was amazed by Mr. Fine the Pine Tree, day after day he does his job being this amazing Christmas tree that everybody loved. But as days past by, Mr. Fine the Pine Tree was slowly losing his glory, his leaves and branches were falling off, his color was fading, and the freshness of his smell was not evident anymore. Mr. Fine the Pine Tree wasn’t informed about what happens after Christmas ends— he waited. The time to put down the decorations had came, Mr. Fine the Pine Tree was dressed down, he got carried and dragged all the way down, put in a truck and went straight back to the Christmas tree farm.

The worn out Christmas tree was back at the Christmas tree farm, home sweet home for him. Minutes later Mr. Fine the Pine Tree met the Chipper.

Spirits of Christmas is a four part series of whimsical stories about Christmas decorations we often use. The idea and imagination of what it would be like if these said decorations can speak and feel. What it’s like for them when this time of the year comes, does it also feels like Christmas for them?

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One thought on “Spirits of Christmas – Mr. Fine the Pine Tree

  1. I love that the tree is called “Mr. Fine the Pine” 🙂💕 We always get a fir tree instead of pine because we have some heavier glass ornaments that weigh down the pine branches. I guess I could call our tree Sir Fir 🎄


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