Temporary Home

Currently on a blogging break again not because I’m lazy (again) but because we moved out from our home that is being renovated, we moved in to a small apartment for awhile until our house is done. So, I haven’t been able to focus with all our stuff lying around in this apartment.

Though, I’ve been thinking of a lot of ideas to blog about, I just haven’t been able to write it lol. That is why the drafts on my phone is wildly increasing as of the moment 😅. Full of unfinished writings and ideas, hopefully our house will be done before Christmas. My family decided to fix our house so that there’s something good that happened to all of us this year, which was a very good idea. What a way to welcome a new year with a newly renovated home. ☺️

Of course, I’m going to blog about it. Can’t wait for Christmas! ☺️🎄🎅🏼.

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