Never Grow Up

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When I was young I was in a rush to grow up, believing that I can do whatever I want, whenever I want— it was all a lie.

I thought everything was better when you get to decide for your own, I ended up regretting every decisions I have made.

Looking back on it, everything was so simple. School was awful but at least there was a concrete destination. Living in this real world that we’re unaware of where it will lead us is terrifying— to have the feeling of ending up to nowhere is what makes it scary.

I wish to go back to those days where life was simple, I wish I didn’t take for granted those years, I wish I lived in the moment.

I had these thoughts while listening to Taylor Swift’s Never Grow Up. This song brings back nostalgia over my childhood, this song also makes me sad in a way that I miss everything back then when life was stress-free and kind of simple.

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12 thoughts on “Never Grow Up

  1. As I was waking up I heard the chatter of children going to school and I was wishing to myself that they really enjoy these moments because they are really special. When you are not aware of the world, take life as face value. Childhood makes me so dreamy🧡 xx


  2. I feel exactly the same way. I wasn’t anxious, depressed and lost as I’m now 😢. I miss childhood so much. This world feels to heavy for me as a highly sensitive person. You wrote it beautifully and love Taylor forever

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