“Accountability Over Resiliency”


Another storm had passed in the Philippines and out of so many tragedies and catastrophe Filipinos had experienced, you could still see them smiling during and after all the bad things that had happened. This is one of the many proud traits that Filipinos have— their resiliency. The ability to bounce back from something so tragic like it never happened, as if they were so used to it, like they were knocked down, they get up and they just move on without processing everything.

Filipinos have faced many disasters in the past, and they basically just move on from it. And, it is known that one can’t be fully prepared for natural disasters but being less than prepared is not acceptable. The officials basically move and decide when it’s right there in their face, out of all those disasters haven’t the officials learned anything from it? What I have observed is that when something big like this typhoon happen, they weren’t prepared they think that it’s going to be a normal storm because the past typhoons were like a normal storm, they get complacent and ignore protocols if they have any.

“We didn’t expect this” the popular phrase right now from public officials, but they had the data about the storm but they just chose to ignore it since the current situation isn’t that bad enough to take actions. They really wait for it to get worse for them to move. And, now the aftermath of this Typhoon Ulysses will be another one of those moments where we will all see how the efforts of spreading information and awareness on how to be prepared during typhoons will rise and soon fade.

The admiration on Filipino resilience is there but where is the accountability for all the losses that could have been prevented? If this keeps on happening, sooner or later Filipinos will be exhausted to be resilient.

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7 thoughts on ““Accountability Over Resiliency”

  1. It’s truly admirable that Filipinos can be so resilient after all the storms they’ve been through.. But yeah that doesn’t mean the officials can lower their guard like that :/ Perhaps they’re just tired of seeing storms coming?

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  2. Our resiliency has been romanticized for ages that people forgot to speak up about it. And sometimes we are contented with the bare minimum done when in fact it’s the officials job to serve the people and that we could demand more. The current situation in the Philippines is so heartbreaking 😦

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