Pray For The Philippines | #UlyssesPH #RescuePH

From Rappler

Last night I didn’t get to fall asleep because of this strong typhoon that my country is currently experiencing, I didn’t sleep because I could hear the wind that made the roofs and trees sounded like they’re either going to fly off or break at any moment. Thankfully, our area is currently fine now but some areas are now flooded up to their roofs.

Typhoon Ulysses with international name Vamco is currently setting catastrophe on some regions in Luzon. The country is currently experiencing heavy rains causing flash floods along with strong wind, knocking down trees and roofs flying. A lot of residents are now calling to be rescued on social media as two-story level flood are taking over their houses.

Hashtags #UlyssesPH #RescuePH is now trending on twitter as some people use these tags to get help.

This typhoon is the 4th typhoon that came in the country in just less than a month. Please pray for the Philippines as some areas haven’t recovered yet from the previous typhoons and it’s so devastating that they are experiencing this catastrophe all over again.


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