Note For The Day 19


Don’t whine and complain when you fail. Get up, do it again, and try harder.

Sharing some tough love for you all, I have written a lot of Note For The Day posts here, and just a little fun fact about those is that I’m not only posting it for my readers, before it becomes someone to read, these notes are mine first. Every time that I write these kinds of posts, it comes out of an argument I had with myself. My pessimistic and optimistic side often argues, and these notes are the outcome of my optimistic side winning the argument. I am proud of those moments, these notes remind me of those. These notes are also for me— I beat the doubts, and I get to encourage and motivate myself. This is my 19th note, I won at least 19 times. Well, it doesn’t beat the number of times that I lost but I still get to win, and that’s all that matters. I can beat my doubting self, I just have to try everyday and keep beating it even if it means I get to lose most days.

Today is one of those winning days. I’m feeling motivated, I got a little bit of tough love and pep talk from myself and I’m going to make the most out of it. I’m going to be productive today hooray for me!

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10 thoughts on “Note For The Day 19

  1. Wow, feels like it was written for me!!🤩 I really vibed with the post. And thank you for making me feel clearer about the fact that we write for ourselves first, and others next.❤😁

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