“I Want To Be Different”

Credits to Simone Gobbo via Medium.com

Most of us want to be different but what is being different? How do you define it? When everybody wants to be different then that means all of us are the same right? We all want the same thing, how does that make us any different?

Being different equally means being special, to be set apart from the rest, to be unique. We are all unique in our own way but most of us crave for being “different”. I guess we all have our own meaning to that word but most of us use that word to break out from our normal world. Like, being in line with a family of doctors but you wanted to break out from that and you wanted to become a writer instead. Or how your father wanted you to follow on his footsteps as a professional basketball player but you wanted to be a musician etc. Most of us grew up with a built path already, and we just have to walk on it. And some of us want to build our own. Which made me think that being different is not actually being different from the rest but becoming like the rest who are happy and successful, to follow their own passion and path.

“I want to be different” is not actually craving to be set apart, it is craving to be a part of something special and worthwhile. Being different is not going against the flow but being in the flow in the right river.

So, go ahead and be different.

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10 thoughts on ““I Want To Be Different”

  1. “Being different is not going against the flow but being in the flow in the right river”


    Your write so beautifully Joana🤗👏🏾 xx


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