Your Body Is Fine But The Unrealistic Body Standard Is Not

One of the main reason why I don’t usually view my social media accounts lately is because of how toxic it can be. Like, photos of Billie Eilish normally walking outside in a normal attire, in her normal body is circulating in my timeline right now. I also see Angel Locsin’s photo that shows the changes in her body. Apparently, people are saying that they gained weight, and making fun of it. I thought people are tired of “fat” jokes by now, sadly they aren’t.

Billie and Angel are perfect in their own bodies, as long as they are healthy their bodies are fine. I feel sorry for celebrities who face this kind of scrutiny, that’s why they go to doctors to fix something in their face or body that isn’t even broken in the first place just to get approval, and to satisfy the people. I’m not a follower of Billie but I read that she wears baggy clothes to steer clear of being objectified, it is crazy to think that she really adjusted herself to avoid people from checking her out. To think that her choice of clothing is not just a brand but a protection as well, which clearly shows why with that trending photo.


Angel Locsin on the other hand is a well-known actress in the Philippines who has done a lot of charity works that I often compare her with Audrey Hepburn, she was once named as the sexiest woman in the Philippines, and for me she still is. I read that she’s taking medications that made her gained weight, and as she also said she has no problems with her body, so why do other people seems to have problems with it?

Another thing that I’ve been seeing online is Rebel Wilson’s weight loss. They introduced Rebel Wilson’s “fat amy” persona creating a confident plus-sized representation, and thinking that it was cool but then I learned that Hollywood encouraged Rebel to stay as overweight as she can be, because people “dig” it, and they gain more money. And, now Rebel lost a lot of weight and she’s feeling more herself. This is not contradicting the media’s move with plus-sized representation, I am glad that the entertainment industry is open with diversity but forcing people to be in a shape that they don’t want to be in is not okay.

Credits to Jakarta Post

Another example is the heartthrob Zac Efron, did you know that Zac hated his body in the movie Baywatch? Zac was ripped and really buffed in that movie, he went on a very strict regimen, and even said that he wouldn’t let himself and his body go through it again.

Credits to Daily Mail

Another is Jacob Elordi in Kissing Booth, he hated his body in the movie too but he said that the movie required him to have his body like that.

Credits to Insider

For sure, there are more celebrities and other people who experienced this cruel requirement.

For the longest time, society set out some standards that we have to follow; how to act, what is acceptable, and what is beautiful. And the opposite of those are just a subject of a laughing matter or an insult, something that we should change as it somehow degrades our whole being. We are trying to break out from those standards but sadly it isn’t enough, we still have narrow minded people who see these “imperfections” as a joke material. They are happily tearing down people’s spirits because of these standards, making these beautiful people feel less of what they are worth, and for the longest time we have been living in a world full of these kinds of people. It’s our body and we should have control over it, we should be happy with it without feeling insecure and without the need of validation from others. These unrealistic standards are the world’s toxic fuel, it’s time to drain them out and remove from the society’s norms.

Your body is fine, your color is fine, your face is fine, it’s just the society and the world that isn’t fine.

What are your thoughts about the unrealistic standards the society has set out for us?

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13 thoughts on “Your Body Is Fine But The Unrealistic Body Standard Is Not

  1. The fashion and movie industry is a tough place to make a living. I think it is terrible that models and actors are encouraged to stay a certain size or look a certain way. Our bodies should reflect what we feel comfortable with and should be an extension of what we are.

    It is sad that once people move away from what fans want them to look like that they get judged for it.
    Thanks for sharing this!

    Liked by 2 people

    • True, everybody thinks that their jobs are easy but when they are prone to these kind of scrutiny, it becomes terrible for them and to their mental health for sure. And, these so called “fans” feel like they have control over their idols, it’s really toxic.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Man… I didn’t know that those celebrities were going through a tough time about their bodies 😦 I agree that it’s really unhealthy to force your body to change to however people want it to be… It’s just so gross that people can be so inconsiderate about people’s health. They should really check themselves instead of demanding other people to look a certain way :// For some reason people just love to ruin other people’s lives.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s our body we should be able to decide for it on our own, I feel so terribly sorry for these people. True, other people love to criticize other and I don’t know what they get from it. ☹️

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You are so right….body shaming is not cool…social media and glamour world needs to realize that the actor is more than how he/she looks and rather assess them on merit.
    Ps. Jacob Elordi is pure love though🥰💞❤️😍


  4. You couldn’t have said it any better! I was amazed by the social media reaction with Bille Elish’s body. It is beyond infuriating when media articles picks them up and either shame them when they gained weight or praise them when they lost weight (the Adele situation). Literally wherever I looked I kept seeing “She looks beautiful”…

    Like you said, we are fine it’s the world and the society that is not fine 👏🏾👏🏾 xx


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