Poetry – Am I In Control?

I did not ask to be here.
I did not ask to struggle.
My life had not been my own.
I was born to follow a system.

A terrible one setting me to fail,
going through hoops of fire
waiting for the flame to catch me
like woods of branches and stems.

I did not ask to be here
but I am striving to get by.
I dream of a wondeful life
designed by me and not them.


Have you ever felt like you’re not in total control of your life? No matter how hard you try to break away from the society’s standards, you kind of just end up being a part of it?

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15 thoughts on “Poetry – Am I In Control?


    I feel like all my life I have struggled to break free from dreadful systems/society. Want to have control over my own life is it too much to ask.

    “Dreaming of the wonderful day” and it will come! 💜 xx


  2. Good thoughts. I felt like this before I started to flip my life around. Before, it seems like all I am doing is following others. I do not even know who I am or what I want. Asking this question is the first step. Really well done. Most of our participants find us because they want to know how to move forward after this realization. There is really no going back after you see the unfortunate situation.


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