Lost Writings | 08 – Time-Filler


Between life and death, there we are with our borrowed time that we use to fill up the days of our existence in this world. And if everything we do is just a time-filler does it matter what we do with the time that we have, that is only going to be taken away in the end? Or it’s only borrowed so we should make the most out of it instead?

I wrote a bunch of poetry back in 2017, it was all over the place. So, I finally retrieved it from my old broken laptop and some were from my old journal pages that I may have forgotten about.

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7 thoughts on “Lost Writings | 08 – Time-Filler

  1. I love looking over my old writing, not to cringe at it but to see not only how far I have come but what raw jewels are buried in my notebooks. It is also fascinating to look at my early thoughts and see how much my opinions and musings have changed.

    Love your thoughts on time and its value! May you keep flipping through your old journals for more ‘lost’ writing. 🙂

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