Note For The Day 18

You are not alone.
I feel and think the same way as you do,
we will both get through.

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9 thoughts on “Note For The Day 18

  1. Joana, this is truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing those words. Indeed, we are not alone and we will come through any darkness we may feel. Those times of transition are difficult – we always learn so much from it in the end.

    Knowing that we are not alone, that others feel the way we do too — helps us remember to reach out, share, and be a part of friendships. So much has changed but there is still plenty that hasn’t. Good people are still good people.

    Sending my love to you across the miles in hopes you are well, safe, happy and blessed this day and always. 🦋

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    • Thank you Holly for sharing some insights, and indeed knowing that we are not alone give us hope and courage to face whatever difficulties are ahead. I hope you’re doing well. Take care always.

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