My First Job Interview (Embarrassing)

I was updating my resume and browsing through job listings online, then I just remembered that it’s been such a long time since my last job interview, and then I kind of reminisced through all the job interviews that I attended but my first job interview was such a total mess. Every time I remember it, I just cringe and wave away the thought out of my head. And then I thought this is a great story to tell on my blog and embarrassing as well. 😅

Credits to The Riveter

I went to a lot of job interviews before landing my first job. And to be honest I hate job interviews, just the thought of starting over again and doing all the things for me to land a job is just so tiring. And, also I am not a people pleaser, so impressing a person is not something I’m good at. I hate having people judge me if I have what it takes to do a job, okay that makes me sound like a narcissist and full of myself but you get my point right? Okay, I’ll just imagine that you get what I’m saying here 😅. Anyways, I had my first interview with this great company. I was so nervous, good thing I had the weekends to prepare for it because I got the invitation for an interview on a Friday. So, the over analyzing person that I am, I researched a lot about possible questions in an interview. I saved my answer on my phone, tried talking to myself in front of the mirror. I picked out my clothes and I even bought a new shoes just for it. So, before I go over what happened on the day of the interview there are some things you should know about me. I am a socially awkward person and I freak out over slight inconvenience, and some people think I am well put together because I don’t really show my emotions but deep inside I’m really freaking out.

So, fast forward to the interview, I was so early like an hour early for it, I hate being late but I overdid it 😂. I went to a convenience store to past time, and left to go to the interview 30 minutes early. I got there and I approached the not so nice receptionist, and point me to the couch with other applicants to wait. Minutes later she handed out forms for us to fill up and that was the start of the mayhem… I forgot to bring a pen. I know right? I had the weekends to prepare but I forgot to bring one of the most important thing. 🤦🏻‍♀️ So, I nicely asked the receptionist if she could lend me one and she said ‘NO’ in an intimidating way, and she followed it up with “There’s a convenience store at the ground floor, you can buy one”. I was so irritated because I was on the 24th floor, so it would really took me a long time to get back. I panicked, I was like “oh, okay. I’m sorry”. I was looking around the room, I wanted to asked the other applicants or even the security guard by the door but I was so aware of the receptionist looking at me. I was thinking of just going down to the convenience store but thankfully, I thought of asking someone on the 23rd floor which was one floor lower from where I was at. I took the stairs and there was a guard there and I borrowed his pen and at first he was like, “we’re not supposed to lend you because you should have brought your own” but he still lend it to me (thank you to that guard). I stride back in to the 24th floor, the receptionist was looking at me and I wanted to show her that I had my ways. 😏😂

Finally, the interview came which I was late for because they let us took a lunch break after we did the assessment. I came back late for it 😂 Imagine that? I was late?! When I was an hour early before. Anyways, I pretty much blew up the interview, I buckled a lot for most questions. My voice was shaking, I wasn’t comfortable and confident. I mean who answers the question “When are you willing to start?” with “next month”??? You basically answer this question: “as soon as possible”, and I answered “next month” I didn’t even know why. 🤣 Looking back at it, I still laugh at myself. It was probably the worst interview of all interviews. I wonder what was in the interviewer’s head at that time. I wouldn’t hire me if I was her.

But, I also did said to myself at that time to not expect that it will be flawless because it was my first time. That was my first taste of ‘adulting’. It was embarrassing but it was an experience I will never forget because I learned so much from it. I think I got a lot of better at it, I don’t overthink that much anymore during interviews and I’m more relaxed now. To any employers out there hire me! 😄

What was your first job interview like? Can you top my embarrassing job interview moment? Share it in the comments! 😄

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41 thoughts on “My First Job Interview (Embarrassing)

  1. Wow, I can relate when it all goes horribly wrong – but sometimes, it’s for the best. Yes, you do learn a lot as you go from interview to interview. Good on you for sharing your story.

    I don’t remember much about my first full time job interview, which was with our state energy commission, other than it was a long time ago and it must of gone okay because I got the job. Once I started several days later, I met my wife to be and she said all the staff were asked what did they think of me based on seeing me walk through the office!

    Over the years, I have had some excellent interviews and some real duds. I have had those where I have argued the point, been told I was too honest, asked to do presentations on the spot, lacked sufficient eye contact and told I was an outside chance, but then got the job anyway.

    You do get rusty if you haven’t had an interview for a while. I used to practice my responses etc.

    Once I became a CEO – interview panels generally consist of 8-10 people, and not the usual two or three. Sometimes, you have preliminary rounds too. This takes a whole different mindset and level of preparation. It’s like a mini adventure. And yes, some of these have been excellent, good and indifferent. Then somewhere along the line you know you must have done something right over the years when you start getting head hunted 😊

    And, I have used my experiences to help me hire many 100s of people over a long period of time.

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  2. Thanks for sharing. This reminded me of my first major interview as a campus recruit. So basically I explained well for 10 minutes why I wish to be in software development and why the company should hire me as a developer. The panel who maintained a smile (or a smirk, i don’t know) replied at the end of it “Did you hear our briefing earlier? You know we are not hiring for that position right?”. They ended up hiring me for a different position and I stayed with them for good seven years. Lucky me!

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  3. Loved reading through 😊. My first interview was horrible. The job description dint match the questions they were asking and I felt it was very unprofessional

    My second one, went ok, but the HR interview was grinding. I thought I dint do well until two weeks later I got the offer. 😊I interviewed many during that time, and I tried to make sure to keep my posture calm and make the candidate feel comfortable. Semi formal set up 😊

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    • Woah what kind of questions did they ask on your first interview?

      I love when interviewers don’t try to intimidate you, applicants are already nervous why add on to that? That’s why I love laid back or casual set up interviews 😁


  4. Wooow that receptionist was not nice. I didn’t know that we are supposed to say that you are willing to start immediately. That’s something knew I have learnt. My worst interview experience was that I had researched on the wrong company🤣🤣🤣. It was embarrassing to get called out.


  5. I can only imagine how you must have felt when you realized you forgot to bring a pen and have your confidence and morale shaken up by the receptionist. Thanks for sharing your experience and if I may aslo add, the timing of this post is perfect! Haha. I’m scheduled for some interviews in the following days since I quit my job and boy am I still nervous and scared even though I’ve gone through a number of interviews already before. Thankfully, it’s all done via web now so I don’t have to worry about forgetting a pen. 😊


      • Hi Joana! I just signed the contract today and I remembered this post of yours because of small mishap earlier – I did remember to bring a pen but alas, it fell and would not work just when I have to sign a lengthy contract and fill-up multiple forms. Haha!

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  6. I can’t believe you were late to that interview😂
    Once at a interview someone asked why do you want to work here and I was like “it’s McDonald’s”. After 10 second i come up with “for money”.

    Didn’t get that job😂

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  7. I too hate interviews. I hate group discussions also. I am not comfortable with talking with people and bad at impressing them. For an introvert like me, these things are torture.


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