Share Your Story 02 | “Feel It All And Know One Day We Will Be Okay”

Welcome to another story and discussion about mental health. This segment aims to normalize discussion and break the stigma that surrounds this topic.



“I have always been anxious but more anxious than the average person which means I feel all the awful symptoms. My heart beating fast, nauseous, dizzy, can throw up, hot flashes, feeling cold, shaking… it’s a never ending list. People don’t take mental illnesses seriously but they affect your life completely. I still don’t have the solution but surrounding me by people who get me is really important. I also take anti anxiety meds when I need it. Swimming, doing yoga or surfing helps too. Movement is important. Writing it all off does help too. Sometimes we just have to feel it all and know that one day we will be okay. Love you xxxx”


First, thank you for sharing your story here. Anxiety is something difficult to deal with, I personally deal with it. I kind of realize that it doesn’t really go away, I find it to be something that I have to get used to everyday. I agree with how people not taking mental illnesses seriously, they don’t think it’s real because to them it’s all just in our minds. But people dismiss things they don’t understand, this is why we should discuss it more and I’m sorry for being like a broken record for saying it over and over again, but I will keep on saying it, WE SHOULD TALK ABOUT IT (sorry again for shouting ✌🏼). But my main take away from this story is the different ways of dealing with it. We all have different ways right? Some of us take meds, some of us writes, some do sports, music, and many more. It’s just something we have to do to get through it, and for someone who’s barely getting by, go back to what makes you calm and hold on to it like it’s your life support. And, just like what was written in this shared story “we just have to feel it all and know that one day we will be okay.” 🤗

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I am so glad this segment is running, I have a couple of stories lined up already. I’m planning to share one story per week. So, thank you so much for contributing and sharing your stories. I am so happy that a lot of people are having the courage to speak up about struggles and facing it, I am so proud of those people. 😊 It is so inspiring and motivating to read. As a person who had experience dealing with demons in my mind, it was not easy, it wasn’t something that you will easily get over by sleeping on it or waiting it out. It took me years to know how to handle myself and my mind, and I’m still doing it. This segment is not meant to make your struggles go away, this is not something I do to magically heal people or make their pain go away. This is just my way to let people know that they are not alone, and to know that what they are feeling is something we can talk about. 🤗

If you guys want to contribute and share a story related to mental health or any story or topic that you want to shed some more light on, feel free to share it with us by filling out the form at the bottom of the post here.

*All identity of the story sender will be anonymous for privacy reasons.

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Always remember to be kind, not just on others but also on yourself. See you on my next post! ❤

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2 thoughts on “Share Your Story 02 | “Feel It All And Know One Day We Will Be Okay”

  1. It really is important to talk about mental health issues and educate people about it. Honestly, it’s tiring to hear from people that those who have mental health issues are weak, lacks faith and etc. I just really hope people will be open about this kind of topic. Anw, thank you for taking the initiative to talk about this. And to all who are silently having their own battles, you’re not alone and I hope you’ll get through it! ☺️❤️


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