Dealing With Goodbyes | ‘Goodbye’ Poetry Series Explained

Saying goodbye and letting go is probably one of the hardest things to go through in life but also necessary. Some goodbyes are for the best and some are just difficult to accept. But every goodbye leaves a lesson and it also leaves memories. These memories are the reason why it is so hard to let go, it makes us regret our decisions that lead to saying goodbye. It makes us question our actions, and it even makes us question what kind of person we are. The memories are like a big black hole in our hearts and mind, that when we open, it swallows us back into the past reliving every experience like it was just yesterday. But we need to snap back to the reality that it happened, and it happened for a reason. We need to eventually let go and accept that it is now in the past.

I wrote a series of poetry about different goodbyes to different people in our lives. First, I want to say sorry (not really) for posting 3 posts yesterday or depending on our time zones. But I hit my maximum limit of 2. It started when I suddenly thought about all my childhood friends that became strangers. We were really close friends when we were kids, running and playing around our neighborhood but then we grew up, and suddenly stopped playing together and just became strangers. I still see them around the neighborhood but we just walk past each other like we didn’t laugh so hard together playing pranks on our other neighbors when we were kids. It was a fun memory but also sad, then I wrote the Goodbye, Old Friend poem. And then, I thought of all the kinds of goodbyes a person can have, it can be from a friend, a past lover, and it can even be a goodbye from our families.

Letting go is tough, it is sad, and it hurts but through time we eventually learn to deal with it and just get over it. Just like what Taylor Swift sang in her song Invisible Strings— time is mystical, it cuts us open but heals us fine.

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